Chapter Thirty-Nine (Part 2)

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He walked, back and forth in front of me. I stared at him, but eventually stopped the waiting game. "Cut me up, choke me, hell even kill me I don't care. How much more empathy do you have for me to let me live this far?" I asked but only to laugh, it made Leo stop from his tracks and only  looked at me. I looked back at him and let my head dangle from my floating body.

"Oh, don't even have such feelings! Silly me." I glare, stiffening my own words at the last part. He smiled, letting out a slight chuckle. "Silly you are indeed, (y/n). Feisty with a pretty face, gorgeous than ever, love," he softly said as he touched my chin with his fingertips, lifting up my head to his eye level.

I wanted my blood to run cold, but I stood my grounds even if I was one with the damn wall. He stared for a second as I stared back to his oceanic eyes. They were hypnotizing, brilliantly beautiful. I wish to pluck them out like he plucked away every soul I loved.

I looked deeper, and the deeper I look the more I fell. Fell from what? I do not know. "Your eyes," I spoke, he lift his brow quite a bit. "Beautiful." I said breathlessly and as if my lips had a mind of their own, they wanted to smile. I snapped.  What the hell?

I pulled my head away and looked elsewhere. "What did you drink, love? Whatever it is, I support it." he laughed as he went to the table to the right corner. He sat down on the rusty chair and poured a cup of water for him to drink. I stared as he drank it, I gulped.

"Don't ever call me your lover." I replied, he put down the drink and smiled at me. "Hm, fair enough. After all, you are my wife (y/n). We're technically not lovers but..spouses." he shrugged his shoulder as he proceeds to drink his glass of water. "It's the same thing! Married or not, I will never consider myself a lover to you. Right when I get out of here, I'll be carrying your head with my own hands." I hissed.

"What a weird way to say you're going to divorce me, (y/n). But you see, we made a vow remember? Till death do us part." he said with a mischievous smirk appearing back right at his smug face. "Well boy do I have bad news for you, Leo." I replied back with a grin, he looked at me as he placed down his cup of water.

"All ears, (y/n)." he replied back. "Vows are made to be broken, just like promises." I furrowed my brow as he stood up. He went towards me and caressed  both of my cheeks, making me look up at him forcefully. "Not in my textbook, love." he said with a dark grin as he kissed my cheek.

He used his other hand to pull the strand of hair to the back of my left ear as he glide his hand to my (s/c) dry, wounded and tear stained skin. I pulled my head away. His touch lurch my stomach, I wanted to puke. He chuckled "I love you, (y/n)" he said. "Say that to your whores, clown." I replied back as he went out of the room.

I looked down, my tattered clothing made me freezing. My hair was still half wet. I felt cold, thirsty and hungry. Whatever I did before, I felt sick to my stomach. His oceanic eyes popped back up to my head, as I remember myself daydream about it.

I blinked. I'm just hungry. That was all. My brain was just tricking me, I'm just probably in my most weakest state as of now. I hope to get out of here soon.

All of the thinking and paranoia lurking from a distance had made me relentless. Simon, Dean and Zach. They were mostly the main focus on my brain. I craved to know, to know if they're okay and that I am the only one captured.

I felt tired. Being chained up in the wall is a pain in the ass. I closed my eyes. I wanted to stop myself from thinking of anything. To possibly just throw away the puzzle pieces for a second. I felt the tension drifting away as numbness started coming in. The role finally played its part.

I let my body loosen, relax everything with no tension. I imagined myself as if I was in yoga class. It made me smile when I suddenly remember mom  and I always going to yoga class. She was always good at it, she could do head stands better than mine and other things that could possibly send me to the hospital from having too many fractured bones.

I could only do a back bend, but it had its uses. I once dressed up as the grudge in Halloween. I decided to join on a Halloween film festival. Where the students gets to make their own Halloween films. I remember doing backbends dressed up as the grudge, scaring the crap out of people and me and the team ended up winning first place.

I felt myself drifting off to sleep. As much as I wanted to remember how I had gotten here, my brain was no big help in this case.






Screams. I heard screams. I shot my eyes open as I let out a breath. In front of me was Sebastian. "Sorry to wake you up, (y/n). Here let me help you go back to sleep." He gave me a smile as I felt a needle prick my skin.

"What was that screaming?" I asked as I suddenly felt my head feeling heavy. "Hm? Oh that screaming?" he asked as I felt my eyelids feeling heavy like weights. "Seba...stian..t-tell me" I demanded, my voice become quieter little by little. "Oh that? It's kind of a secret, (y/n)." Sebastian said as he chuckle, coming closer to me.

I let my eyelids shut as I let my whole body let go of the strength I had left. "It was Simon." I heard him say. If there's one thing I know about Sebastian is that he's a bad secret keeper.

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