Numbers, Anyone?

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tw: mention of sensitive topics like forms of violence or mental illness.

gentle reminder: No one is discounting hard work. In fact, it's a PSA about how we must continue to work hard, and how we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously. Unless this is, in fact, your dayjob and Wattpad HQ is signing your checks. 

Gorgeous readers and friends,

I've risen from hiatus to come to you with an important message that maybe we all should've heard before joining this website. Keep in mind, this entry is in the opinions section, and ought to be respected as such. No one can tell you how to live your life, because it's yours... but as your fantasy fanfiction writing fairy godmother (say that five times fast), I do like telling you my thoughts openly. It helps us bond, don't you think? 

Again, it's an opinion piece and in this section, I touch on taboos, unspoken assumptions, and well... my thoughts. If the shoe fits, we don't love you any less. (We might just ask you to reconsider the dusty sneakers you're wearing to put on a better pair of heels.)

Anyway, you can relax into this one, I've come to keep to keep it real.

Wattpad is an incredible platform. It offers us the freedom to not only write whatever we want, but to publish it and open that avenue for so many other readers and aspiring writers to offer feedback. I can clearly recall the feeling of pouring out notes for Tear the Sky in my Notes app, thinking of ways to excite people, create plot twists, and add color to each of the boys' personalities. In fact, there was a moment where I buzzed with anticipation of getting it onto a page and showing it to someone--anyone--that might be so gracious to take a look. 

Writing my first story felt a lot like casting a fishing net and hoping for someone to get ensnared in what I thought was worthy of a catch. It still feels like that after an abundance of successful and failed works, and even a group of readers (which, shout-out, I owe everything to all of you and I'll never be shy about it. Love, love, love you for everything. YOU are the real MVP). 

But after some time of being on the website, we all have different experiences though we start in the same place. Heads up, I'm not covering all of them, but some examples are listed below. You'll know when you get to them.

At the end of the day, our origins begin in the fact that we're eager to share something. We've worked up the courage to speak up and present an intimate part of our work to the masses. We've planned, we've imagined, we've worked hard to type it out. We are, debatably, the most enthused and energized we'll ever be. And then we publish.

There are a select few that hit the right topics at the right time. The algorithm works in their favor. They wake up with millions of reads, they embody Y/N, they get to jump to the front of the queue and snatch recognition (and we simply have to hope they haven't adopted the ego to match).

There are some where the ascent is a bit slower. They bide their time, they continue to chip away at their story, and they mingle. Maybe they make it to the millionnaire's club, maybe they're kicking it with hundreds of thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, or thousands. 

There are some that may not ascend. You know what I mean, the works that seem to get buried in the millions of other stories. The algorithm avoids them like the plague. A wanderer might poke their head into their story and no one's sure if they stayed. There's tumbleweed blowing across their message board and their phone might turn to sand because the notifications are so dry. (Which is okay! There are things we can do for this and I may make an entry for it.)

There are plenty more routes and experiences I can't even cover right now because I feel absolutely compelled to get this information to you. Yes, you. Whoever you are. Regardless of what you've got or what you think you've got. 

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