Chapter ????

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Idk what chapter I'm on lmao but ya here's a chapter for u guys... Also thank u SOOOO Much for 28k readers I love u all so much 😘

(Aubrey's POV)
Julia is so sweet and addi omg I love her personality but I mean Mariah is so pretty and Abby has the most flawless hair an I'm jelly of them all I wish I could be them we have gotten pretty close these past couple of weeks and they know about my past but the except me for me and its just amazing "hey we're going to the mall u coming" Addie asked snapping me out of my thoughts "ya let me go get my shoes on " I slipped on my black converse and high wasted jean shorts and a black crop on and pulled my hair up "alright I'm ready" I yelled walking downstairs "where are u going" Hayes asked grabbing my arm "to the mall "I said pulling out of his grip and kissing him "or u could stay here and have more fun" he said winking "no I'm going to the mall with my friends" I said kissing him again "alright hayes let her go where ready" Mariah laughed pulling me away "u guys are to cute" Julia said grabbing my hand "thanks but u and Nash are also adorable" I said walking out of the door and getting into the car (silver corvette) and turning on fashionably late by falling in revers witch is my all Time fav song. We all started singing "it's 9'oclock on the dot in the spot and I'm hanging with ur friends again great taste what a beautiful place and ur fashionably late and I don't wanna be that guy that makes u sad and makes u cry without a doubt I'm sorry about making out with ur friends" we all screamed and laughed. About 20 mins later we get to the mall "crap it's closed" Abby pouted "damn" we all said in sync "how about we go home and watch a movie" I suggested "sure" they all replied so we went home and watched frozen and fell asleep.

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