Ashley jolted up from her bed gasping for air. Her chest was tight and it hurt to inhale and exhale. Beads of sweat trickled down from the sides of her head which had caused the dampness of her hair. She noticed her room was cold. Her gaze went towards the window and saw it open. She got out of her bed shivering to close it. Ashley sat on her bed and held her head in her hands. Her breathing rate was still quick. She looked and realized she was in her room. She was nowhere near the manor. Her mind was in the state on confusion. She asked herself if she had dreamt the whole trip to The Van Pelt Manor and the killings of all her friends, Louis and herself. But it had to be a dream, right? After all she was alive and in her bedroom wearing her favourite blue pajamas. But why did it all of that seem so real? All the events from the moment she had left her house to seeing Peter disappear into the manor were crystal clear in her head unlike her dreams which always had some fuzzy parts. Her breathing was now quiet and calmer but her chest, particularly the area on the top of her heart still ached.

Ashley let out a heavy sigh and lied on her back. She tried to put the puzzle pieces together, if there was anything to put together and understand. She couldn’t just accept it as a nightmare she had dreamt. It felt too real to. She thought about her “stay” at the eerie house. She remembered how she had visualized the death of her closest friends. Then the picture of Louis’ body trapped under the shattered chandelier popped in her head. She quickly sat up to call Louis to check on him. But before she could, her phone rung on the side table. Ashley grabbed it and saw Louis’ name on the top of her phone.

With her hand trembling, she accepted the call. “H- hello?”

“Hey love.” Louis’ usual cheery voice rung through Ashley’s ear.

Hearing his sweet voice, Ashley’s eyes teared up.

“Babe, you there? Are you alright?” his tone became serious.

“Yeah, I- I’m here.” she sniffled. “It’s just really great to hear your voice again.”

“Aw Ash. What happened?”

“Nothing. I just had a terrible nightmare.” Ashley shuddered thinking about it again for a slight second.

“Want to talk about it?”

“Well, um we were all there. You, me, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry, Carrie and Stephanie. We went to this haunted house and then one by one we ended up getting killed by the ghosts.”

“Oh that’s brutal.”

“It was horrible Louis! It was so gory and I don’t know how I slept through all of it!”

“Considering the fact you don’t like anything to do with ghosts and haunted houses.”

“Exactly. But Louis?” she bit her lip.


“It felt too real. I don’t even know if it was a nightmare. I know I sound crazy but I’ve had nightmares before but this one was just feels too different.”

“Well you’re here and I’m here. So obviously it was only something you dreamt up. It is October after all. Halloween is coming up soon so I guess it was normal for you to dream something like this. Don’t worry about it, ok? It’ll keep you spooked only for a couple of days or you might even forget about it after today.”

“What’s happening today?” Ashley pressed the phone closer to her ear.

“Remember Steph told us to meet her at the park today? She has some news to tell us.”

Ashley’s mouth went dry. She had dreamt this in her nightmare. But it had to be a coincidence if Stephanie had told them already.


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