Chapter 13

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Walking into the clubhouse my eyes met my moms. She didn't look happy, didn't look her normal self. She was curled into my dads side as he spoke to other members. What was going on with her? Ignoring everything around me I walked away from Blaze and went straight to my mom.

"You come to apoligise" My dad asked turning his head so he could look at me.

Swallowing my pride I nodded my head before answering "Yes". Looking back at my mom I noticed the trace of a smile on her lips but I knew something was wrong. "Good now get over here and give your old man a hug". Walking the small distance that stood between us he pulled me into his arms crashing me into a bear hug "I do care about you darlin'." He whispered kissing the top of my head.

Pulling back I gave him a small smile before turning my attention back to my mom "I'm sorry" I croaked hating what I had said to her. I wanted my relationship back that I had with her before we came here. I didn't like that we no longer curled on the sofa drinking wine or how we used to tell each other about our day. I miss my mom.

"I'm sorry to baby. I should have told you" She whispered standing and pulling me into a hug. 

"No I shouldn't have said the things I did. I miss you mom and I hate fighting with you. I love you, I always will" Holding her hands in mine I watched the smile shine through her tears.

"I love you too sweety. Now how about you tell me whats been happening with that hunk of man standing over there that hasn't taken his eyes off you since you both walked in".

Frowning at her I turned and locked eyes with Blaze. Feeling my cheeks heat up I quickly faced back to my mom. He was standing with Jared and Tommy but his eyes had never left me. "Nothings happening" I said watching as her eyes squinted. "Some how I don't believe you" She winked. Was the chemistry between us that obvious?

"All I'm going to say is he's a good man and if I were you I'd snatch him up before someone else does" She said nodding her head in his direction. Turning round my eyes fell into slits when I saw a girl curled in his lap like a fucking cat. Clenching my fists I grit my teeth. He promised he wouldn't.

"The only way to stop that is to stake your claim because darlin' he's already staked his. You are beautiful Ava but have you noticed for the first time no ones looking at you? Stake your claim baby I'll handle your dad" Squeezing my shoulder she walked towards the bar.

Stake my claim. How the hell do I do that?

"Stare any harder darlin' you'll burn a hole in him".

"I'm not staring" I snapped my fists still clenched. Hearing Tommy laugh made me want to punch him. "Wouldn't worry about him darlin' he knows how to handle them" He said squeezing my shoulder before walking away. What did he mean he knows how to handle them? Was he doing this on purpose? Letting that girl paw all over him. Was he trying to get a reaction out of me? Glancing back over to where he was standing I took in the girl wrapped around him. She was beautiful, long brown hair and a body to die for. No wonder he wasn't pushing her off. Why was I acting like a jealous girlfriend? I wasn't his girlfriend I didn't know what I was to him.

Heading towards the bar I took a seat on one of the stools. Why did it bother me that he was over there with her and not over here with me. Why say he wasn't going to let them paw him and then let them do it? Stop being a jealous bitch and get a grip. "When do you start at the hospital honey?" My mom asked interupting my thoughts, thank god.

"Going in tomorrow so I'll be heading home soon. Is it still okay for me to stay at dads? its just until I get back on my feet and find a apartment".

"Breath Ava, sweetheart you stay there as long as you need. Theres no rush and your dad and I prefer you staying there, at least we'll know you're safe. I see you still haven't staked your claim" She said changing the subject. I'm not staking my claim. What was the point when he could have that beautiful girl.

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