Liam Payne OneShot *Smut*

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---Smut awaits you! ;)---

"Liam?" You asked softly wondering of he was super mad at you or not. "What?" He replied with a sigh. "Are you still mad at me" you spoke again. "No" he said but the anger that was obviously still there laced his voice. "I'm really really massively sorry with chocolate on top" you said hoping the mention of chocolate would calm him a bit. He just looked up at you and cocked an eyebrow. "What if I wanted a cherry?" He said jokingly. "You can have a cherry then. Hell, you can a billion cherries if you want!" you said smiling. "No no, I want chocolate; I already had the one cherry I wanted" he said smirking a bit. You realized he was speaking in reference to your first time. "Feeling cheeky are we?" You replied trying to disregard the scene that had happened so long ago from playing In your mind making you want him so badly. He nodded his head slightly and scooted closer to you wrapping an arm around your waste pulling you onto his lap. You put one leg on the other side of him so you were now straddling him. You kissed him passionately trying to show him how sorry you really were. He deepened the Kiss pressing you closer to him. The kiss grew heated quickly and you started rotating your hips on his lap. His member grew hard and you started kissing down his cheek to his jawline and to his neck. He moaned as you got to his sweet spot. His moan had to be the hottest thing ever and it made you start to get a bit wet. He flipped you over taking the dominance and you didn't mind a bit. He kissed down your neck working his way to your exposed collarbones. He removed your shirt parting his lips from your skin only for a second. He massaged your breast through your bra and you moaned loving his touch. He slid his thumbs under you bra and rubbed your nipples making them hard. You bucked your hips forward needing him. He smiled and kissed down your stomach causing you to squirm in pleasure beneath him. He unbuttoned your jeans pulling them down your legs way to slowly for your liking. You kicked your jeans off and pulled him back up to your lips kissing him roughly. You tugged a bit at the bottom of his shirt wanting the fabric gone. He took it off then returned to kissing you except he started rubbing you through your panties. "Oh (Y/N), who made you this wet?" He whispered into your ear. "G-Gosh leeyumm y-you did!" The sensations being to much for you to speak correctly. He went back down to your lower body taking off your panties with his teeth, never breaking eye contact with you. He was about to attach his mouth to your clit but you needed him now. You sat up a bit and started fumbling with his belt. You got it off and pulled his pants down along with his boxers. His long, hard member slapping his stomach. You pressed him back onto you and you could feel the heat of his member near your entrance. Liam kissed you one more time before slamming fully into you not giving you any time to adjust before thrusting in and out of you at an incomprehensible speed. "LIAM!" You screamed as he continued to thrust. He groaned at the feeling of inside of you. "(Y/N) your so damn tight" he spoke and you started moving your hips up to meet his thrusts. You scratched his back digging your nails in. He grasped your hips pulling you further onto him. It started getting harder to breath and you could feel that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach. "I-I'm Close" you muttered, opening your eyes a bit. You watched as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. "Me t-too babe" he mumbled slowing a little. You felt him twitch inside of you and this sent you over the edge as you came all over him. He kept going until he released inside if you. You rode out your highs then both collapsed onto couch. "I love you" you said breathlessly cuddling into his toned chest. "I love you too (Y/N)". And much to you guys surprise Harry fucking Styles and Zayn freaking Malik jumped out of your kitchen and screamed "MAKE UP SEX IS THE BEST SEX" before walking out of the house slamming the door.


Hoped you enjoyed it! Sorry it was so short but, That was my first dirty OneShot so sorry if it sucked. Please message me if you want one! It doesn't have to be dirty. Bye-Bye you little Directioner Perverts Lol.


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