Impressions Reflections

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Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? I am nothing. Everything I posses-my being, life, understanding, will and memory

- all were given to me by God, so all belong to him, Before I was born, all that I see around me was already here, the same Sun, moon and stars the same mountains, seas, desserts, beasts, plants and men; everything was proceeding in its appointed way under the watchful eyes of Divine Providence. And I? Was not there. Everything was being done without me, nobody was thinking of me, nobody could imagine me, and even in dreams because I did not exist.

God created me. Yet he did not need me; the whole scheme of the universe, the world which surround me, everything in fact would exist without any help from me. What am I set in this world to do? To serve God. He is my supreme master because he has Created me.

He preserves my life so I am his servant.

--Pope John XVIII

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