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i feel that, im a little bit misunderstood when it comes to things like, like what i really want

princess 💍😻


well hello vinnie

can i come over?

im tired

you can sleep on me

but i like my bed

but you like me more

im about to fall asleep

miloo you can fall asleep
on me

no cause your gonna make
a tiktok of me sleeping

you dont understand
your so cute when your

your gonna want to
make out or something

when dont i?

thats why you cant
come over

yk we could have a
repeat of the first time

ew no
dont ever do that again

but i wanna see you

another day hacker

now your doing it on

no im not



emily is here and she
keeps asking if i wanna
go up to my room
even though she's here
for kio


baby please
i swear i will literally let
you sleep on me for as
long as you want


i wanna see you in
my clothes


you look hot in them

um n e ways chile

how about you come
to my house and i let
you sleep on me for
however long


under one condition

what is it?

you have to wear
my clothes

fine weirdo

hurry up and get hereee
i wanna see you and i need
emily g o n e


milo got into her car and drove over to his house and as soon as she pulled up, vinnie was at the door. she got out of her car and walked towards the front door where he stood.

"stalker much?" she asked jokingly.
"nope i was just waiting on my lovely girlfriend"

she rolled her eyes playfully as he grabbed her hand and led her inside. emily instantly rushed to vinnie's side as she tried to take his hand. he instantly pulled it away and stared at her.

"vinnie. who is this?" she asked while staring at milo.
"this is my g i r l f r i e n d" he said slowly.
"since when?"
"well if were not including the breakup that you caused, almost 6 months"
"can we talk upstairs?"
"sorry, milo's really tired and she should get some sleep" he said before leading her upstairs.

milo just stared at him as he plopped onto the bed.

"she's being so clingy and ughh i wanna scream" he said.
"well" was all she could say.
"i need you to make out with me in front of her"
"then she'll stop"
"i dont think so"
"you just want a reason to make out with me"
"maybe, maybe not" he said while walking over to his closet.
"in the meantime, you can change into this" he said while handing her some of his sweats and a hoodie.
"is there anyone in the bathroom?"
"oh my lord. why are you getting all shy around me now? its nothing i havent seen before"
"yeah but your in that mood"
"oh my god just change" he said as he tried not to laugh.

she turned around and quickly changed before turning back to him. he got off the bed and picked her up before throwing her onto the bed. he jumped next to her and pulled her into him. he laid on his side with milo in front of him and facing him on her side too. she buried her head into his neck before almost instantly falling asleep.

his hand rested on her lower waist as the other laid on her back. he gently rubbed circles on her back while holding her close to him.

after a few hours, she was awake and vinnie was slowly waking up aswell.


as vinnie woke up, he groaned and pulled me closer to him.

"any closer and i might suffocate"
"oops. guess we'll see"
"im feeling very threatened and i dont think i will ever come by again" i joked.

he got on top of me before tickling me. i continuously squirmed around as he laughed and finally stopped. her leaned down onto me, burying his head into my neck.

my body shuddered when i felt him placing soft kisses on my neck. they slowly moved down towards my collarbone as his hands ran over the small amount of skin not covered from the hoodie riding up a bit. he slowly moved his hands up more before pulling away from my neck.

"you want to continue?"

he slowly pulled the hoodie over my head and got off me. he ran over to the door to make sure it was locked then over to his draws to grab a small golden package. he already didnt have a shirt on so he slid off his sweats before hovering over me again.

without hesitation, he unclasped my bra and took it off me. he left dark hickeys in spots where no one but he could see. my hands lightly tugged as his hair while he kissed down to his sweats that i was wearing. he tugged them down along with my underwear before taking off his.

"your sure?"
"yes vinnie"

he ripped open the golden package before sliding on a condom. he slowly slid into me as a low moan escaped my lips. he gave me a second to adjust before slowly thrusting. my nails scratched at his back while low groans echoed in my ear.

the thing is, vinnie was always gentle with me. he never intentionally tried to hurt me and if he did, the word 'sorry' fell from his lips like a prayer. i would never hear the end of it. even when were skating, he always makes sure im okay even if im not hurt.

he pulled out a gathered me up before flipping me on my hands and knees. he slowly slid into me as i winced in pain. he leaned down to press a kiss in between my shoulder blades before gently thrusting into me. from there on, it was only pleasure. while i was moaning, he was groaning and thrusting faster and faster. i felt my legs shake while his hands gripped my waist.

"v-vinnie, i-"
"i know baby, let it go"

i instantly released as he came into the condom. he pulled out as i collapsed and grabbed my clothes. i quickly putthem on as he put his sweats on and laid on top of me. his arms went around my waist while his head laid on my stomach.

this time, he was the first asleep and before i knew it, i was out like a lightbulb.

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