Chapter Thirty-Nine (Part 1)

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"(Y/n)! (Y/n)!" I heard an eerie voice calling out my name. It echoed throughout my head, my mind feeling fuzzy. I couldn't open my eyes nor feel anything. I felt like I was floating in air, am I dead? I asked myself. I smiled. Is it finally the end? I asked again. "Hello?" I said, hearing my own weak voice. "Hello, (y/n)." it answered back softly and quietly.

I felt it caress my cheek as I let my head sunk in to its caressing embrace. "Simon?" I said his name as another hand caressed my other cheek. "Are we finally in heaven?" I asked again, the fuzz in my mind slowly clearing out as I started hearing my own breath. I felt my arms, they were outstretched. My feet felt the cold marbled stone, I could not move. I moved my arm, hearing cackling of metal as I moved it again.

My smile fade away as fast as a cheetah as I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was my feet chained on the wall. As I looked up, I met his oceanic eyes that was once lovely to me. "You." was the only word I managed to get out. My outstretched hands was chained to the wall, I had been trapped like a mice. Tattered clothing and wet hair. I felt cold.

I wanted to bring myself to bite his hand away from my cheek but I was too weak. "You didn't seem to realize that I'll get you in the end, (y/n)." he said with his mischievous smirk on his scummy face. "It must be faith, Leo." I replied back.

His brow lifts in surprise as he smiled. "Are you finally accepting defeat, my dear (y/n)?" he ask. This time, it was me who smiled as I scoff. "Never. I want my freedom, and I will get that freedom." I replied. "Freedom is such a burden, (y/n). You should be thankful I took it away from you." he stepped forward, holding on the chains as he moved his head close to me.

"You're such a clown," I said with a smile as a faint laugh came out of my mouth. He smile as he laugh back, slapping me across the face. My head turned to the left from the sudden force meeting my face.

I turned to look back at him, "No no, you really are a clown. All you do is chase after a girl all your life! You took my freedom then you took my integrity as a person!" I bit down my lip. I wanted to choke him, I wanted to give him the taste of his own medicine.

"Someday, I'll murder you with my own hands Leo." I said firmly. "Well that's not at all comforting, isn't it (y/n)?" he laughed. Just then, I heard a heavy door open. Leo turned away as a man that I once considered my own blood came into view. Sebastian.

Alongside with him was Franzeska. Bloody woman. Sebastian looked at me then to Leo. "He's awake in the other room, sir." Said Sebastian. He? did he caught all of us? the thought of it made my little sparking hope diminish. It lurch my stomach.

Franzeska crossed her arms then looked at me as her red stained lips formed a smirk. "Long time no see, brat. Do you like being on the wall?" she asked in a mocking tone.

I chuckle, "Its quite fine here. How about you? Do you like being on a leash? I hope someday I'll choke you with it." I replied back. A dog on a leash. They were all dogs on a leash. I feel bad for them. Kind of.

"How cute." She scoffed, drifting her eyes to somewhere else. "I'll get to him later, scurry off." Leo replied back to Sebastian. He held Franzeska's wrist and pulled her out of the room, closing the door behind as Leo locked the door.

He turned back to me, "Now...where were we?" he asked. "You being a clown." I replied back.

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