{16} The Boom Boom

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But the pressure she expected on her neck didn't go from there. It went straight down from her spine to left leg which caused her knees to buckle.

"I'm sorry, but you going to have to do it anyways. You will never see your dearest Levi, or should I say....big bro." The statement caused to shiver uncontrollably. She fell to her knees clutching her lower left leg.

"Isabel? Isabel!" Farlan's urgent cries rang out as the darkness had engulfed her, but before it could, she placed the small vial, which now looked like a needle, into his palm. "Give this to Corporal Thorne, if you want us to live.." Then she was out.

Farlan looked skeptically at the vial and back at Isabel. Right now his first priority is to get her in health, but after that.....he'd have to make a decision.

"So this is Annie Leonheart. One of our best skilled in combat cadets of the 108th squad trainees." Hanji stated proudly at the closed eye girl in the enclosed icicle. 

"How can you be proud about a girl in there..." I mumbled. The girl had her hair still tied up in a tight blonde ponytail, I just wondered about her life.

"She's also a Titan shifter, like Eren." The statement almost made my eye buldge out of their sockets. 

"Eh? Is that so?" She nodded in confirmation.

"So I'll head off to get the expediture equipment, you just study it first. We'll start the investigation in a moment miss." Hanji said, skipping away.

I rolled my eyes, but it quickly traced it's way back to the lady's crystal features.

"A titan shifter, huh?" I wondered. 

There was many spectacular things in this world, titan shifters, crystallized humans and most of all- my powers. I had heard of nobody similar to me. I mean, just because my blind eye starts glowing and I can turn invisible whenever I want doesn't have the right for people to name was as a witch. Since I am still a living human being, or so I think.

But then I had heard footsteps, very calm paced ones. Very familiar, until-

"I am so so sorry.

A sudden urge to bite myself had been injected right into my left arm. I stood frozen. At the edge of the crystal, I could see the familiar blonde hair, the blue eyes, and the syringe in his hands. 

I stared at him in pure shock and betrayal, I didn't know what the antidote in the thing was, but for sure it consisted of poisonous chemicals.

"D-do...you know what...you're doing? F-farlan?" I asked, with the uncontrollable shakiness of confusion. 

He shook his head and took a step towards me with a hand lifted out to touch me, I backed away but it only caused me to fall.

"Oh god no. I'm sorry...Bella-" Then I heard other calls from either sides and peered up at my friend that I had trusted...but was too idiotic for his own good.

"Bakayaro.." I mumbled, the after effects of the pain had just started to increase.

"Run." I said.

"N-nane?" he stuttered.

"My revivement wasn't a waste teme, run!" 

He shuffled to turn on his heels and speed off into the closest doors which nobody seemed to be coming from.

Then that was when my whole body felt it, the zaps of imaginary electricity taking my lifeline with each breath. 

What is this? I asked myself.

"Mika! I have the gear!" I had heard the muffle joy of the captian.


Just realize I'm dead already. 

In a split second, one hand was clutching my head, the other on my arm. I could hear my own breathing, it was loud and panicky like in a horror movie.

My eyes were starting to slip closed too.

"Mika!" I had only enough strength to sink my whole body flat against the ground as if I were laying down. Staring up at the worried faces who surged around me.

Hanji, Mikasa, Eren, Levi, Armin, Sasha, Connie, they bent over trying to get my back up and alive. Then there was the other man, a with a hand pressing down on my shoulder that I could wince, and the other clutching my hand tightly. 

"You're dying." I had heard him mumble. His expression shone very well how worried sick he was, but it seemed to me he was much more mad, but of what?

"Take care of me." I had barely whispered. That was when I felt the cold substance from the injected area spreading slowly outwards. Before I knew it, it was only my eyes which were open.  I fixed them on the crystal, "So this is how it happens huh?" I thought before it shut closed and I was drenched in dark souls.

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