13 | Poor Mrs. Kennedy

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It didn't occur to me to check Finn's book until the Sunday afternoon

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It didn't occur to me to check Finn's book until the Sunday afternoon. I'd stored it in my handbag for him after we'd finished his dumb balancing game, but had forgotten to hand it to back over as we parted ways at Westminster Station. I'd opened it out of intrigue, had been curious to see what great wonders were hidden within its pages after the mystery of it all. What I didn't expect to find was a letter from a primary school addressed to him.

The book itself was a perfectly ordinary, and rather boring looking, university textbook. He must have been using the letter as a bookmark, although there was a notable lack of pornographic stick figures scribbled over it, which felt out of character. His address was printed in the top right corner below what I assumed to be his full name, Finnegan Oliver Kennedy, and the letter began with, Dear parent(s) of Amelia Kennedy. 

Upon its discovery, I found myself staring at the piece of A4 paper as if it could've burst into flames at any moment. To rub salt into the wound, someone had neatly written, please could I also ask that Mrs. Kennedy attend this meeting, at the bottom of the printed letter. I sat cross-legged on my unmade bed with tightly pressed lips as I recalled everything that had happened the night before, and churning in my stomach was a sensation of something between sadness and anger.

I called Dharsheni into my bedroom to try and decipher the thing, but she offered no grand revelations. Her initial reaction was that the Finnegan referred to in the letter was Finn's dad, but I immediately recalled the conversation we'd had the night prior. I supposed what he'd said about his father abandoning his mother could've been a lie, and that Finnegan Oliver Kennedy was his real dad, but why on earth would he have fabricated something like that?

It was impossible to ignore the Mrs. in Mrs. Kennedy, and it become even more glaring when I traced my mind back to a phone call he'd closed with a love you the day he cut Dharsheni's hair.


'I'm just—It's—Why would he go along with your fake dating thing if he has a literal kid, and a maybe wife?' Dharsheni questioned, her eyes wild as she waved the letter in her hand. 

I'd told her about our kiss the second I'd returned home the previous night, so she was perfectly aligned with how messed up the situation potentially was. 

'It's not even—Ugh, I could handle the him having a kid thing because it's super personal, and it's not like I have some kind of right to know something like that,' I tried to articulate. 'But the Mrs. thing, and the phone call I overheard... And I don't know, it just feels like he's lied to me, even if there is some rational explanation for all this.'

'Why would it only be addressed to Finn?' Dharsheni quizzed as she scanned the letter in her hand. 'And why would the teacher—principal, whoever—have to call out his maybe wife? I guess that suggests they're at least separated, right? Maybe?'

'It references a phone call he'd had with the school,' I offered as I took the letter from Dharsheni.

I skim-read the page until I found what I was looking for, then pressed my finger against the text which read, as discussed during our phone call on June 10th, as I held it under her nose to read. 

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