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Over the following week, Finn and I accelerated our fake dating game, and not that I would've ever admitted it to him, but it sort of became fun

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Over the following week, Finn and I accelerated our fake dating game, and not that I would've ever admitted it to him, but it sort of became fun. We did nothing crazy, and it didn't involve anymore one-on-one time, but he met Isabella and me during our lunch breaks for some photo ops I strategically shared on my private Instagram, which I knew Harriet stalked. We also used our morning commute as an opportunity to produce some content, but the lunches were ideal because Belle would take fake candids of the both of us.

He continued exercising his warped personal ambition to wind me up twenty-four seven, and refused to stop calling me everything besides my actual name, but I was getting used to his company. He was often a welcome relief from the mind-numbing reality of the estate agency, and he'd already won Belle over from the dinner we'd had a few weeks prior. I supposed he was sort of becoming our friend. 

I didn't meet Finn on the Thursday because I ended up having lunch with Casper, and that situation unfolding felt plain weird. Casper and I were leaving the office to inspect some new properties that were due to be added to the agency's portfolio, so we'd decided to grab some food together before we set off. He and I had maintained our professional relationship while at work, but I was intrigued to see if he'd view this as an opportunity to relax.

'I'm dying to see the second property,' he began as he ignited his car engine, then nodded at the stack of papers on my lap. 'There must be something we don't know because the asking price is crazy.'

I tried my best to pretend I cared even slightly about the properties we were due to visit, so nodded enthusiastically with multiple sounds suggesting affirmation. To my disappointment, the conversation didn't veer away from properties, nor the estate agency throughout the car journey to the first apartment on our list. It wasn't that Casper was ensuring to maintain professional; I think he was genuinely excited about the properties we were visiting.

He was distracted by his phone as we inspected the first apartment because September's sales figures were due to be communicated, and would be the first signifier of how well he was performing as Team Leader. It wasn't until we were in the second property that the email reached him. 

'Rosie!' he called from the living room as I inspected one of the two bedrooms. Seconds later, he called again. 'Hey, Rosie, I just got September's results!'

I swallowed down a laugh as I glided into the living room to see Casper sitting on the arm of the black corner sofa, the most enormous smile on his unshaven face. 

'I take it they're good then?' I queried as I stopped in the doorway with crossed arms.

'Please, I knew they were good,' he said as he stood upright, and moved towards me. 'But these are great. Your figures are amazing too, by the way.'

He stopped beside me as he showed me his phone screen, but hesitated. 'You're not supposed to see this, so, err, you know nothing, okay?'

I laughed. 'Sure.'

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