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Father looked at me with sunrise!
"AN ALDEREGE!"he said as he took out a gun,he grabbed my arm and threw me to the side. He wanted to shoot Ray!
"No father he's adopted!!! Ray is not Like the rest of you! He doesn't want the money of this kingdom!"I screamed.
"It's Okey Olivia, let him shoot me."Ray said. Taylor walked in the room.
"No listen to me!" Taylor said,everyone was in such a shock including me, then she spoke up. "Father,mother,olivia and Ray! It's my turn to talk! Let me!!!! I wanted to say something to you guys! I don't like OLIVIA so if she found a man that she likes and if he is from out family then let her marry him"taylor said, I smile at him "Rays not like any of you guys! Just look at you guys! This family doesn't love one another! They just want money! You guys just all want a part of each other's property,buildings and kingdoms, Thats not what family is all about,family members should have love for one another they are supposed to care for one another,if I for like taylor then why is every one trying to get us together and he doesn't like me,so why?" I asked as I began to cry. Father put his gun down and listened to me,as Taylor's parents walked inside. Ray was now standing with me as we held hands. He looked at me and whispers "your so strong"
Taylor's mom comes closer to me and asked me. "Taylor loves you so much and he cares for you soo much why would you want to betray him?"she says.
"Taylor tells me that he Doesn't like me,he likes another girl,and I definitely don't like him,No one ever cared to see that I didn't want to Mary him,I'm not anyone's slave,and no one should decide who I marry! No relationship should be like mine and Taylor's! He loves another women and made me suffer always,from the beginning our relationship was fake and he treated me badly,he would just watch me get hurt,he made me cry so much,but yet I know it's not all his fault,he's suffering to handle two relationships one between me and him that he suffered through and second is his love that He doesn't have the courage to say no to his parents, and you guys all agreed to the terms that I'm going to be locked in a cave room! How come?This isn't family. I want to be with Ray and it's possible because he is Taylor's younger brother!" I said.He smiled.
"How do you know that? and he's not the aldereges son?" askes mother.
"And how do you not,mother? Taylor's mother told you she had a baby,then Why are you asking me such a crazy question? You and father new that Taylor's parents we're having a baby,when Taylor was very very young,you knew they gave him up for adoption and you guys all knew that Ray was not a part of the alderege! But still you guys killed the Aldredge and you were going to kill him!"I said. There was a silent moment here, when all the parents felt alittle ashamed.then..he spoke up.
"She's right,Rays my brother, when he was born we called him Charles,I never saw him before, they suddenly they took him away and they told me he died,I just heard stories about him,I never thought he was real,when I saw Ray I felt like I knew him and I thought and thought about it,I felt so stressed that I started over drinking."Taylor said.
"Later today me and Ray came to Taylor's house,Taylor was so drunk that he spiked out a lot of secrets that even he didn't know,I had his phone in my hand so I recoreded out conversation and that's why I knew Taylor would come running here.
What I'm trying to say is that we can still get the two family's married with out ruining any relationships!"I said.

"Yeah we can,me and Olivia and Taylor and his gal."Ray spoke up.

Ray looked at his real parents. He was disappointed in all of them.
(Rays real name was Charles but then the aldarege started calling him Ray.)
After trying sooooo hard to convince father,he finally spoke up his decision.

My father said.
"Ok if that's so then..
Tomorrow shall be the wedding day!"he smiled.
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