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I woke up the following Thursday morning to find Finn in my kitchen

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I woke up the following Thursday morning to find Finn in my kitchen. As I stood in the doorway with the previous night's mug of tea, my eyes still puffy from sleep and my unbrushed hair yanked up into a bun, I contemplated the possibility of being in the midst of a vivid hallucination. Finn was sitting at the kitchen table with his backpack on his lap, and he must have missed the coat hook or something because he was wearing an oversized denim jacket.

'Morning, Rosemary Hammond-Philips,' he chirped at the sight of me, and God, this was the last thing I needed moments after waking up.

'Why are you in my kitchen? How did you get in?' I demanded without moving an inch. 'And it's Rosie Eden-Porter, asshole.' I blinked, then shook my head to repeat, 'how did you get in?'

'That would be me,' a voice sang from behind, and Dharsheni was soon nudging herself into the room. She twirled on the spot to face me. 'Salon cancelled on me, but I'd already booked the morning off work so figured I'd give it a shot. Luckily for me, your boyfriend-not-boyfriend here is free of appointments until eleven.'

I blinked, then shifted my gaze towards Finn, who was now rummaging through the backpack I was more familiar seeing on the tube during my daily commute to work.

'He's cutting your hair?'

'He is,' Finn interjected.

While I'd established that Finn was, in fact, a licensed hair stylist, I'd have probably trusted a toddler with a pair of hedge trimmers more than I did him. I moved my eyes back to Dharsheni, who was humming aloud as she prepared some coffee, and raised my eyebrows.

'I'm too tired for this shit,' I mumbled, then promptly left the room.

Finn's laughter followed me into the hallway, but curiosity must have gotten the better of me because once I'd showered, dressed, and made myself somewhat presentable, I wandered back into the kitchen to watch what I anticipated to be chaos unfold. Dharsheni was in the middle of her haircut when I returned, and to my surprise, there was neither any blood nor mullets in sight.

Dharsheni and I chatted away as Finn worked at what could only be described as a superhuman pace while he brushed through and snipped away at Dharsheni's split ends. The spectacle was oddly mesmerising. Weirder still, as I shifted my attention between Finn's hands and his face, I found the whole thing kind of hot. I'd never seen the man so focused, nor so quiet, and he was doing that inexplicably attractive thing where he'd bite down on his bottom lip. There were also intervals where he'd poke his tongue out a little, which was frustratingly adorable.

The time I'd spent with Casper over the weekend must not have been enough because I was clearly gagging for it.

Once the haircut was complete, Finn tried to decline Dharsheni's offer of payment, which we both scoffed at. We'd also uncovered that he'd not eaten any breakfast that morning, so I'd made him a bagel while he was working his magic, but it had remained untouched because he'd been so focused on the haircut.

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