Son and his Father

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Lord Steim.

The 14-year-old prince of the Overgeared Kingdom. The only son of the Hero King Grid. A continental genius and the one who would surely become a Legend. 

People couldn't help but think that Lord was born with a diamond spoon in his mouth. But, though he was born a genius, though he would surely go on to become the King of Overgeared Kingdom, was it true that he didn't lack anything? Though he had his 200+ girlfriends and his mother, the Queen, Irene to take care of him, wouldn't a child long for his father's love and affection? Wouldn't a child want to spend time with his father?

Lord was no exception in this regard. He looked up to his father as his idol like any other child would do. He wanted to play around with his father. He wanted his father to hold his hand and take him on a walk into their Kingdom. But, Lord knew that he couldn't be so selfish. He knew his father was a busy person and didn't have enough time for this. So he was happy with the small amount of time they spent together though it would mostly be when his father would teach him blacksmithing.

Lord knew well about how his father was traveling around the world, battling evil beings such as Great Demons and the Yangbans. Who would dare to say that the King was throwing away his responsibilities as a King? The proof of his achievements was the Epics that were being written about his father. Every time an Epic was being written, Lord got the chills thinking of how strong his father's enemies were and most importantly, how strong his father was to go against them. He wanted to grow strong as soon as possible so that then he would be able to stand by his father's side and help him through his adventures. 

Today as well, after finishing all the classes from his teachers, Lord had some free time for himself. Not in the mood to play around with his girlfriends, Lord was just sitting in his room seeing the view of the Reinhardt from his room window. Looking at the common people walking around peacefully and the soldiers and knights guarding and patrolling every area diligently, he couldn't help but be reminded of the greatness of his father again. Just what situations had his father faced to rise from a commoner to the King of a kingdom. Thinking of this made him want to hear of his father's deeds yet again. Though he had heard a plentiful from the bards singing the King's greatness and the records made by scholars, he wanted to hear them from the people involved themselves. Having decided, he set out.

The first person he looked for, was obviously his mother, the Queen, Irene. It was after marrying her his father became a viscount and could gather more achievements. Irene was in the gardening area of the palace, gracefully watering the plants. The sunlight behind her, making her silver hair glow and her fair face stand out, it almost looked as if she was the incarnation of Goddess  Rebecca herself. Lord ran to his mother. 

"Greetings, mother."

"Ah...Lord. Are you done with your classes?"

Asked the Queen, to which Lord nodded his head. Maybe cause he was running around the palace to get to his mother, he looked like he was trying to catch his breath. Noticing that, the concerned Irene asked.

"Are you tired, my child? Are you hungry perhaps? Haven't you eaten yet?"

"Mother, I have eaten well. I ran all the way here to ask you about something."

"Surely Lord, go ahead."

"Mother, I wanted to know of the incident when you were saved by father."


Irene looking up in the sky, as if trying to remember about it. A wide smile came on her face. Placing her hand on Lord's head, she started to speak.

"Lord, My King, your father, is the reason your mother is standing here right now. He saved not once but twice. I still remember when I was held captive by Malacus. That evil human, no he was too evil to human, he had planned to make me an offering to Yatan. Unable to do anything, and scared of what Malacus was going to do to me, I had lost consciousness. But then, I heard a firm voice waking me up. It was your father, reaching out his strong hand to me. I still remember how wide his back was when he was carrying me back to the castle. I had long decided by then, to stay with your father forever, to stand with him and support him no matter what he does."

Well, obviously Irene left out the part about how good Grid was with his fingers. She blushed deeply thinking of those times.

Lord, hearing about the story his mother told, felt his anger rising towards the Yatan Church and promised himself to keep his girlfriends and loved ones away from the clutches of such evil. 

"Thank you, mother. Father really is a noble and great person."

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