Having rough night/Going to distance

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New York on planet earth a equestrian blue hedgehog with black streak try handle after saving all his friends like family to him even they find out about they family's still care and love. His name Shane the hedgehog.

Shane(sad):Another  night after save all my friends against demon cat from underworld or Angel call hell.

I start remember about Angel was going kill all they friend's because she was hired kill them make sure they go in hell be with they evil parent's, Aunt or uncle hate them.

Shane(cry):After I save everyone's I care so much some people's like Ryan, vexy, and Sally blame me ruin everything. I freaked knew I don't trust any or wrost part shadow believe I go soft not kill Angel.

I made deal with princess of hell Charlie I don't kill angel because she still one her family after I got help master Splinter give advice emeny of emeny is my friend. Charlie got Angel back after we stop her even save my friends but Shadow start hate me more after i choose not kill Angel.

Shane(cry):Well aleast Raven, Ola, jabok, Makayla, Callie,Kelly, Mars, Arsenio, team sonic and tmnt are safe but they find more about they life even find love for some of them.

I look at window then see a shooting star. I thinking making wish.

Shane:I wish I finally know truth about my life even maybe find girl  love, smart, even care her family and her friends.

Song go to distance

When song I went bed but soon i will find truth about my family even fell in love.  Shadiw the hedgehog was watching me far with mean look on roof

Shadow(mad):That faker shouldn't ruin my chance save Makayla after I almost kill Krel

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Shadow(mad):That faker shouldn't ruin my chance save Makayla after I almost kill Krel. Shane shouldn't be born in first place. Aleast shane will horrible life by me. True hedgehog.

Shadow didn't know that a powerful demon hedgehog from another dimension will easily defeat shadow even got no choice join us with girl he be in love.

What all think start my sad story even with song. Please like and leave comment.

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