Part 3

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Hello Writers, Readers, and Random People!

        Happy Friday! Last time I talked about insecurities with the amount of reads you're getting on a story. Now, let's be honest here, is it really just the reads? Or do the comments come into play with your insecurities as well? I can tell you my answer on that. YES. The comments mean something, they do. But here's the kicker, they don't mean everything.

        I've had to learn this lesson the hard way. Like I mentioned before, I've only been on this site for 3 months. That's a really short amount of time but as most of us know, being on Wattpad for only a few days can make you feel like you've been on it forever. These 3 months feel like 6 months but part of that reason is the people that I've met here on Wattpad. You're probably thinking "M what does this have to do with comments? I don't really care about your Wattpad past." Am I right or am I right? Just say I'm right. Well, let me break this down a little bit.

        Comments are usually thought of as something that people use to comment specifically on the story. And this is true, they can be but here is the other thing, comments tend to become personal. Sure, our work as writers is personal to us but, as I said before, comments are not everything. There is no reason, NO REASON, why a comment should make you stop writing. In fact, all comments should make you want to write. Not just some, but all. Bad comments are the ultimate inspiration for writing. Don't get me wrong, when you first get them, bad comments suck. These comments can bring you down for a time (making that time short is suggested) but bad comments can also act like a challenge.

        My favorite type of comment is the one that says all that you have done wrong in your work and explaining that you don't have any talent as a writer. I will say, some people have more talent than others but everyone has to work at being a writer. It's the same with being a musician. Some people have the talent for music and then there are those that don't really or they have a little talent. These people can still be musicians. They're going to have to work harder at it, but they could be musicians. This is what I keep in mind when I'm writing and reading stories. This kind of comment is the ultimate challenge. If you like competition, come eat at the buffet, my friend. These comments are the perfect opportunity to learn, practice, and then put out another chapter that is way better than the rest. Then, this is the best part, you get to rub it in their faces!

        Okay, so maybe that's not so great but for those of us that are competitive, we know how good it feels when we get to do that. So maybe you don't rub it in their face but it is still an opportunity to prove to them and yourself that you can write. If the chapter or blurb you write seems to be just like the other ones, send it to a friend or take a look at the work from a different point of view. Maybe take a look at this work from the eye of a reader or a critic. This can help you with grammar and the overall flow of the work. Bad comments are not really "bad" but helpful. was supposed to talk about getting comments too but it seems that I have typed more than I planned once again. I may have to get this next part into the next post. Actually, now that I think about it, it can be the midweek post! Ah, I'm a genius. Alright so, I hope this helps you guys or something. Go ahead and leave "bad" comments down there because I LOVE them. Yep, I love bad comments.

        I'll post again midweek! Until then my friends, until then.


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