You Never Know 🙃

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All I really know is when I'm lonely
I hate that I'm lonely
And that's why I let you in
And maybe in another life
We fight all day, kiss all night
But I don't wanna break your heart
You keep yours, I'll keep mine

Niki (Lose)

Haruto's POV

It's my first year in college. I don't want to do it but I can't stand to stay at home. I'd rather spend the whole day outside than coming home.

My dad is a politician so I have to stay as low as possible. No, he ordered me to do so. That is why I don't like people to take pictures of me. If my dad finds out about it, he might do bad things to me. My mom left my dad because he did that to her and I hate her because she did not take me with her. My dad does not want his image ruined by his son when in the first place I never have the intention to do so.

People don't know the reason why I am like this, cold, unfriendly, ignorant, and so on. And you know what? I don't care also what they think of me. I just wanted to be free from the thought of them dissing me. My father is more than enough in pressing me mentally. People only wanted to see what they see. They've never been in my shoes.

I just got back from playing arcades at the mall. It was my healing time. Now I am home which does not feel home at all. I wish I can go outside again but I don't have an excuse to go out. My dad is really strict.


My phone vibrates. It's a new number. Well, I don't really have a number to save anyway.


"Hey, Watanabe Haruto, it's Kim Junkyu."

"Let's do the project tomorrow at Jihoon's house. He only lives alone so I think it's a good place to do our projects."




"Can you pick me up? Jihoon is the one who usually picks me up but tomorrow we are going to his place."




"Who's Address, Haruto?"




":D It' xxxxxx street, number 7. I'll wait for you at 8.00 in the morning."

Read, 9.25 a.m.

The next morning

I arrived in front of Kim Junkyu's house

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I arrived in front of Kim Junkyu's house. I was waiting for him on my motorcycle when someone at the back patted my shoulder.

"Haruyaaaa..." he said smiling while covering his face with his hand because of the sun.

"Owh, yeah." I replied

"Let's go?" he asked with a baby tone. What? Is he 5 or something?

"Sure." I said.

I handed him the helmet and put my phone at the front so I can track and look at Jihoon's address that Junkyu already sent me this morning.

Maybe because I rode fast, he started to put his arm around my waist. I can see his face worried in my mirror. It was cute. Wait, what? What did I just think? I ride faster and I can feel that his grabbing me tighter and just close his eyes at the back.

We arrived.

We entered Jihoon's house.

"Noona!!" said Junkyu with a friendly tone to a girl that is sitting beside Jihoon. He started to go to that girl.

"Yyyaaakk... You didn't greet me first?" said Jihoon to Junkyu.

"Whatever!" Junkyu rolled his eyes then started to high five the girl and jumped around together.

"Owhh.. Haruto, let's sit here" Jihoon said to me and pointed to the blank space next to Junkyu.

So I sit there and Junkyu introduced me to the girl that she is Jihoon's girlfriend.

Jihoon already bought the stuff that we need for our project. Our major is Art so we had a project to exhibit at the exhibition that the Art major always does annually.

So we started to do it after we talked a bit. Jihoon stood up and said, "Noona, accompany me to make snacks and drink for us." Then they went to the kitchen leaving only Junkyu and me in the living room.

"Aaarrrrggghhhh..." Junkyu screamed. The next thing I know he was on me. He closed his eyes. I can barely see his lips, he seems to be afraid. "What? What happened?" I asked him. "There....." he said. "What?" As he pointed on the table, I saw a cockroach. The animal which I really hate as well. We started to scream and the next thing I know we hugged each other. Jihoon and his girlfriend were shocked and asked what happened. I pointed at the table and Jihoon just directly smacked the cockroach.

"You can find a room there. I have many." Jihoon said that while I was still closing my eyes. I can hear Jihoon and his girlfriend started to giggle. "They are so perfect together," said his girlfriend. I opened my eyes and I see Junky, still on me. So, I started to sit down and also he got up. What an embarrassing moment. Now they know that I am afraid of cockroach. That little thing just gets my nerves. Especially the one that can fly. Uurrrgghhh...

We finished doing the project for that day. It's already night and I didn't realize that. Jihoon gets his girlfriend home while I got Junkyu home.

"Thank you, Haruyaaa.." as he gave me back the helmet.

"Sure", I replied.

I started my motorcycle engine. I was ready to go then Junkyu said, "Text me when you get home." He smiled and waved.

I arrived home then took a shower. After that, I laid on my bed and I scrolled my phone. I remembered what Junkyu said. 'Should I text him?' as I was wondering, my phone vibrated.


"Have you arrived? Why haven't you text me?"

It's Junkyu. I actually wanted to tell him that I'm home already but he texted me first.




"Ok, Good. Well, thank you for today. Thank you for giving me a ride as well. I can't wait to see you tomorrow, Haruyaaa... Good night!"


"Good night," I replied.

Read, 11.05 a.m.

I closed my eyes so that I can sleep but Junkyu's face was on my mind. His expression when he was afraid was really cute. I smiled. I had a blast today and it has been ages that I had fun with other people than myself alone in the arcade place. Then I thought, 'I can't wait to see you tomorrow as well.'

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