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come back i still want you

HOLD ON~come back i still want you

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fan: favorite part from her new vlog

fan: wait so shes back in nc?

fan: no more minnie content?

fan: she needs to go back to LA asap

milo.roseee: "something really white"

vhackerr: im offended
fan: NO WAY
fan: wait but thats so sad
fan: yeah cause of their baby
fan: stoppp we shouldnt bring it up. it clearly hurt milo and she said she didnt want to talk about it again

fan: she looks so pretty thoughhh
vhackerr: ;)

fan: the face she made when audrey said mckinnley

milo was in her old room at her house in north carolina as audrey had her phone. milo found it adorable that her little sister was on facetime with her boyfriend.

"is this what you watch him do everyday?" audrey asked as vinnie played video games.
"pretty much" milo said as audrey laughed.

after about 30 minutes, audrey grew bored and left the room. milo set her phone down as she cleaned her room and vinnie watched.

"why are you staring at me?" she asked as she continued cleaning.
"because- i was about to say something really sappy but i feel like you might murder me"
"who knows? maybe, maybe not"
"your so aggressive sometimes"
"thank you. i take pride in it"
"mhm. but deep inside your a big softie"
"no im not"
"yes you are"
"am not"
"are too"
"am not"
"are too"
"butt head"
"cotton headed ninny muggin" she said as he burst into laughter.
"why- why are you saying lines from elf?" he asked through laughs.
"because elf is the best"
"sooo how long are you staying out there?"
"vinnie i just left"
"but still when you spend all your time with someone and then they leave, its like you die"
"well your still on ft" she said as he suddenly pretended to be dead.
"but i miss youuu"
"i'll see you in like- a week"
"a week exactly?"
"yes vincent"
"NO. i was getting used to vinnie"
"im not like other girls" she said as she flipped her hair dramatically.
"no. no you are not. but anyways MILO, im gonna go to the skate park" he said dramatically.
"yeah you go do that"
"byeeee i love you"
"i love you too"

as she finished cleaning, her phone rang.

"i think im deaf now"
"you started this avani"
"well i havent seen you in what? 36 hours?!"
"i miss youuuu"
"i miss you tooooo"
"did you see the thing with dev?" anthony asked.
"she said she liked guys with tattoos and everyones tagging vinnie"
"and that concerns me because?"
"hes your boyfriend" avani budded in.
"but i trust him and dev is my friend so if she actually likes him then ya know, we may need to cut some people off"
"just be careful"
"of what?"
"getting hate"
"i get enough hate as it is"
"wait what?" anthony asked.
"you just said your getting enough hate as it is. what hate?"
"what was that mom? oh okay sorry um, my mom really needs me. gottagobye!" she said really fast.

the entire day, she ignored vinnie, amelie, avani and anthonys calls. she knew that if she picked up, they would question her about the hate and she couldnt deal with that right now. she wanted to pick up so badly but each time she was about to press the glowing green button, she pulled away. she couldnt tell them about the hate, not yet and maybe not until she got back to la.

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