Chapter 1

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Ugh I told them moving to a different school would be difficult for me. I TOLD THEM. Many times. Moving after 10th grade wouldn't have been that bad. Students change schools after 10th grade for better ones or to focus more on college entrance exams after high school. But No, we had to move when I'm gonna be in 12th grade now. This sucks so bad, I could relive some of my most awkward and embarrassing moments if that gives me a chance to go back.

Like, the time when I was gonna punch the teacher in front of the entire class because she surprised me by suddenly holding on to me... because I forgot to take my notebook back when I gave it to her earlier. It was noisy as the bell just rang and everyone was getting out of the room. What can I say, I got terrible reflexes? Thank God I didn't actually punch her even if it did look like it. And everybody saw it. Yikes.

I did it again, ugh even in my thoughts! I digress a lot. My mom thinks I'm like a squirrel, I can't even sit still for long. I try to control it but I ramble so much sometimes and it seriously gets worse when I'm nervous. I tend to be awkward a lot which, back to the major topic, is not helping my case at all! My dad got offered a higher post at their headquarters here, so we moved after my school agreed to transfer me here. These schools have the same managing committee, so the curriculum is the same, and it's easier to transfer among them with a valid reason.

I can't bother to focus on Physics now anyway, so yeah let's get to introductions! There's an exclamation point there because this is exciting for me. And it's probably the only exciting thing right now, me talking to my imaginary audience.

Oof, someone just eyed me like I'm a creep because I was chuckling to myself. Pretending to be busy, pretending to be busy... Okay let's continue.

I'm Marcus. You can call me Marc. I'm seventeen now. I guess I should tell you some things about me. I wish I had the questions. Hmm my favourite colours would be teal, mauve and dark purple, mint as well - too specific, I know right. Also, some other shades of red, blue and green; it depends. But I love wearing black or white. Neon colours and yellow don't look good on me like at all. I love dogs. We had this beautiful golden retriever; he was so awesome. I still miss him even though it's been years. I would love to keep a beagle someday. Especially after watching John Wick. Beagles are so cute. The puppy though...

For music, I love alternative rock, also pop and punk rock. I love food, I can never skip meals. I don't really like to study, but I do like biology (hate botany though). And of course Physics, I'm terrible at it. I love sleep; can sleep all day but I can stay awake all night if I want as well. I'm full of contradictions; I know. I'm never really sure of anything in life and I can be really indecisive sometimes. It's also because I'm bad at reading the room or people, for that matter. In conclusion, I'm not a people person. Oh, but that's the heavy stuff, let's not go there.

I have russet brown eyes I guess and a little wavy, dark brown hair of normal length which normally looks black. I have a normal hairstyle. I don't really keep up with the trends; I hate most of them, anyway. I must be 5'7" or 5'8" now, hope I could gain a few inches later. I'm neither really skinny nor with an athletic build. So by all means, I'm average.

Not like I had a lot of friends before; I never even had a girlfriend either, it's just I grew up with my classmates so I was never really attracted to them. I don't think Joe or Lisa count. I mean we kissed and stuff, but Joe didn't work out and Lisa wanted to be with me but I didn't. Whatever. Point is I'm not experienced with friendships or relationships. Yeah sad life.

I don't really think I could make a lot of friends here either. Most of them are already really close. There are a lot of cliques already, just like my old place, like the studious ones always solving problems or helping each other and other students, the cool ones who don't need grades that good, some athletic ones, some tight knit girl groups, some 'we're cool and pretty' and we know it girls; but the entire class seems close and they seem to get along well with one another. That... was missing at my old place. Or I'd have had a better time then. I missed out on a lot. Here, they have their close friends with similar tastes but don't seem prejudiced towards another who's different. Though there was a fight among the girls yesterday and two dudes don't seem to get along.

I mean one of them ended up throwing a shoe at another and missed horribly; it was so funny when the teacher walked in and just saw that. The other dude hadn't seen the teacher and cussed loudly; both of them were in trouble.

This is a pretty nice school, and the students did talk to me and said they'd help with notes and stuff. I won't have any problems academically, but it's just the sense of longing I have for my old place and the absence of a feeling of belonging here. I'd been practically alone and invisible for so long that I was just okay with it, I guess. That was all I knew and had in life.

I was totally happy in my small city; I had a few close friends, and the school was beautiful. Even though the teachers were shitty and all, like dude you're forty! You really wanna have a beef with a sixteen/seventeen year old? How boring is your life, huh. Still it was nice and peaceful. Even if you have just one friend who understands and supports you, you can get through high school. Whatever. Maintaining so many friendships is too much of a hassle, anyway.

I guess I'll have to manage a year. I'm happy the kids don't seem hostile and the few I've talked to seem nice. David and Liam are the only names I remember, though I talked to a few other guys and girls as well. It's just a year albeit I have a feeling it's gonna feel long.

I still have three more classes after this. I can already feel my soul draining, by the time I reach home I must nap to recharge. A nap can do wonders, seriously. I have to help with arranging all the stuff and set up my room. That is pretty much the only exciting thing right now, other than food and sleep of course. Can't wait to try out different restaurants here.

Finally, the bell rang. I can't take any more of these radioactivity problems for even a minute longer. The days just seem to drag on and with no friends it feels really empty.

Just one more year to go.

Cute fanart :3 Don't know where this is from

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Cute fanart :3 Don't know where this is from.

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