Mario Kart and filled hearts

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  The day passed and so did the weeks. Alfred had somehow managed to stay alive and positive with the group of support he had. Whenever he was alone, they'd be there to smother him in attention and compassion. They'd comfort and coddle him, helping Alfred become more confident and outspoken. It made him happier. Alfred was walking home with them as usual, talking quietly about the new game they had gotten when Feli asked a question,

"What will we do for halloween?" He warmly asked and smiled at them. Alfred blinked and looked down. He didn't really celebrate the holiday after what happened...

  "I don't really celebrate Halloween..." Alfred mumbled and seemed uncomfortable. Kiku frowned and tilted his head,

  "Ah...but this seems like the type of holiday you'd love..." he said as Alfred quickly shook his head,

"No no no, I really don't like it. I don't like any holidays except summer." He said and frowned. The group exchanged worried looks at each other, "look...they just make me uncomfortable...let's just go play Mario cart on my tv..." he mumbled and walked faster. His hand reached up to his sleeve to itch at a scab. His cuts were healing nicely but ever now and again he would open them or add new ones. He'd feel like a failure every time he did but the others always assured him it was okay and lovino would always bandage him up and whisper comforting things to him.

  When they arrived Alfred opened the door and let out a soft sigh as he felt his body relax in his home. It looked a lot better then before. Now that he had friends, they helped decorate the walls with pictures of their time spent together along with pasta and things they liked to talk about. The kitchen was filled with food now and they insisted on Alfred eating at least two meals a day. They always helped him with homework and was simply there for him, like friends were. Of course Alfred didn't trust them fully yet with all of his secrets, but who could blame him with what little information they had? His own family had gone behind his back and whispered things into peoples ears and betrayed him. His closest friends played along with it and now they bully him relentlessly. He was abandoned by his father and lived a life of solitude and constant betrayal.

  "Anyway..." Alfred began "we can do homework later. Let's play Mario Kart." He said and walked into his living room. He tosses his book bag aside carelessly and slumped in the couch.

Gilbert smiled excitedly, "yes! I call being king boo! He's obviously the coolest." He said and sat next to Alfred. Kiku smiled softly and picked toad. Feli and Lovino picked Mario and Luigi while Ludwig picked bowser. Alfred had picked his favorite character as well, which was actually Rosalina. He loved space, which caused Mario galaxy to be his favorite game ever. He gave a rare soft smile and was about to start when the doorbell rang.

Alfred tensed and seemed panicked. Gilbert then looked over "hey, it's okay, I just invited someone." He told him and placed down his controller "and even if I didn't you have the awesome me to protect you!" He laughed and walked over to the door. He opened it and in came mathias, Lukas and their younger brother emil. Mathias held a reusable bag full of stuff he brought  from the store,

  "Hey guys! I brought some snacks and drinks along with myself." He laughed and walked in as Gilbert smiled, giving him a fist pump. Alfred seemed rather tense and kind of freaked out as he looked at Lukas. Arthur had bullied him many of times in front of the other yet he hadn't done anything. He looked away and seemed worried something bad would happen. Lukas looked away as well, a bit of remorse on his face. On the way there Mathias had explained to the two how bad Alfred had had it and what Gilbert had told them. After all, the first day the group of friends came over Alfred had a noose hanging from his ceiling, bottles of pills all over and bloodied razors messily tossed on his desk. When they had asked why, alfreds only answer for them being there was 'in case I get too sad, I want to be ready. I have a note written too' he had told them and even pulled out the note to show. Of course the group had gotten rid of any and all dangerous things. They rid him of the noise and threw away the blades, flushed the pills and cleaned his entire room from head to toe.

  Mathias walked in and Gilbert smiled "don't worry Alfred! These guys are almost as cool as me!" He declared as Alfred relaxed a little and watched them with dimly cautious eyes. Mathias placed down some food on the table and a twenty four pack of cola.

  "Yeah! And don't worry about those losers!" He laughed "you just gotta stand up to them! Fight like a man." He said and nudged Alfred, who seemed mildly uncomfortable with the idea,

  "I can't really do that..." he mumbled last time I tried the school threatened to expel me and the teachers don't care..." Alfred whispered softly "I don't wanna be expelled...cause papa wouldn't put me in another school. So it's better to just deal with it..."

  "Then just don't do it at school." He smiled "school can't punish you if it's not on their property." Mathias nudged him and smirked. Alfred looked down. He had never thought about that...maybe he'd try it once.

   "...'m sorry Alfred" Lukas said as he sat on the love seat while me made Mathias sit on the floor. "I didn't do anything when Arthur would bully you in front of me...I didn't think it was that bad or any of my business..." he seemed ashamed of it as emil connected their controllers. Alfred simply nodded in response. He didn't like talking about these things. Emil had soon given them their controllers and they each chose a character as well. Emil begrudgingly sat next to Lukas with an annoyed face. He didn't like sitting with him.
  The game soon began and they took off. Alfred and Kiku were in the lead as usual fighting for first place while the others fought for third and fourth. "Get ready to loose keeks.. he softly said. He didn't speak loudly most times, scared to anger someone even if they assured him it was okay.

  "Likewise Alfred...this is where we break our tie." He smiled as he got ahead but Alfred hit him with a shell and knocked him back. Somehow they tied for first again! "Ah...I suppose this isn't the day we break our tie." Kiku chuckled as alfred nodded and smiled

  "I'll beat you next time...." Alfred said and smiled as they played for a few more hours. By the end of it Alfred seemed comfortable with all of them and was even laughing quietly and giving more smiles. They had eaten snacks and drink the soda, even had dinner. The afternoon had been great! Of course an hour before they had to go Ludwig reminded them of homework and made everyone do it. Rather annoying but Alfred Mathias and Gilbert still goofed around slightly.

  When they were leaving, Mathias stopped and gave Alfred a paper "here! Come to my Halloween party! It'll be awesome." He said and smiled over at him. Alfred gently took the flyer and nodded,

  "Okay..." he looked up at them "I'll come..." he softly said and gave a gentle smile. He trusted them.

Heya! I know this is a day late but yesterday got busy cause I had to go dress shopping for a really big event coming up. This is technically the first part of the special and I'll hopefully get the second out by tonight! Tomorrow morning at the latest. I made this an extra long part though, so I hope you enjoy!

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