Chapter 4 (includes Matt's P.O.V.)

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Chapter 4

......Candi's P.O.V........

-Candi had just told Ryan how she knew he was lying.

I looked up into Ryan's eyes and the strangest feeling came over me. I felt a pang in my heart and I instantly wanted him. "MINE" was all that was in my thoughts. Ryan looked back at me and smiled HUGELY, and all of a sudden his eyes were green. What was with this boy? I thouught as he looked back at me.

The strangest part was, his eyes were filled with LOVE. No one has looked at me like that since a month after i was addopted. (it explains later I promise) I looked back at him and felt my head tilt slightly. Why would he, or anyone for that matter, look at me like that?

I heard Mr. Colux say something about a new project and felt someone grab my hand. Ryan frowned and I immediately wanted to make him feel better. He looked back at me and once again we locked gazes. I was afraid I was going to end up just staring at this beautiful creature next to me for the rest of my life when the bell rang, braking me out of my little trance.

I grabbed my stuff and bloted out the door. I was going so fast I didn't even notice when someone stepped infront of me. I ran right into whoever it was, falling back. Just as I was about to hit the ground a hand shot out and grabbed my arm. I looked up to see the very last person I expected to help me. Mark.

he let go of my arm and stood in front of me with his arms crossed. He looked at me critically. "So... you're Ryan's mate?" he asked. I gave him a questioning look. Mate? What was he talking about? He was still looking at me. "Hmmmm, maybe I could....." he dragged off, leaving his sentence hanging in the air.

After a little while he seemed to have decided something. In a secound, I was in the air, then over Matt's shoulder. I yelped in surprise. We, well Matt really, started to walk, but someone got in his way. "What are you doing Matt?" I heard Justin ask. "Oh, nothing J, calm down." He tried walking again but again Justin was in front of him.

"It doesn't look like nothing." Justin said, sounding miffed. Matt sighed. "Fine. Well it turns out little Mousie here is the soon-to-be-Alfa's mate. So I was thinking, Alfa Cloud has been wanting something to use against his pack, and wouldn't she be perfect?" Justin didn't say anything for a while, then, when i thought he was about to stop his brother and help me, he said, "Okay... bring her to my car." WHAT?!?

I stared banging on Matt's back, but it didn't effect him a bit. Soon we were in Justin's car. I was pushed into the back by Matt as Justin started the car. J looked at me from the driver's seat and I gave him a teary glare. How could he do this to me? MY OWN BEST FRIEND!

And what was this about Alfa's and mates, and how did Ryan fit into it? I asked myself these questions again and again, but couldn't find any answers.

I glared out the window, annoyed. It seemed we were headed towards the forest...

........Matt's P.O.V..........

I watched as Nikki, MY Nikki, stood in the hall, waiting. Who the heck would she be waiting for? My questioon was answered  when Ryan walked out and she pounced on him, flirting away. My wolf was howling inside me, begging me to kill him then and there.

'I can't do that and you know it. The concequenses for directly hurting the Alfa or his family are too high.' I silently told him. 'Well lets INDIRECTLY hurt him!' He howleld again and this time I almost joined him. 'How?'  'TAKE HIS MATE!' he yelled at me. Perfect. But how would I get Candi to come near me?

That problem was avoided when the very girl in question ran into me. She was about to fall when I grabbed her arm and helped her. She looked at me in confusion. I know, why did I help her? I honestly had no clue....

I looked her up and down. She was actually pretty hot and she might even be popular if it wasn't for me and my friends, but hey, my mate hated her so I had to too.

"So... you're Ryan's mate?" I asked. She gave me a questioning look. For a secound I felt guilty and I tried to think of a different way to hurt Mr. Alfa-to-be. "Hmmmm, maybe I could....." I dragged off my sentence because my wolf growled. 'No, this is the only way.' he said. I sighed inwardy. He was right.

I quickly swung Candi over my shoulder. She yelped and I just barely contained my laughter. I started walking but my annoying brother got in my way. "What are you doing Matt?" Justin asked. "Oh, nothing J, calm down." I said. I tried walking again but again Justin stepped infront of me.

"It doesn't look like nothing." he said, obviously mad. I sighed. Justin was a stronger wolf then me and could easily hurt me if he thought I was just randomly hurting his friend "Fine. Well it turns out little Mousie here is the soon-to-be-Alfa's mate. So I was thinking, Alfa Cloud has been wanting something to use against his pack, and wouldn't she be perfect?" I said, hoping he would go along with it. Really it was for much more personal reasons, but thats a good excuse. He didn't say anything for a while, but soon he looked like he had made up his mind. "Okay... bring her to my car." YES!

I smiled as I walked to his car. I threw Candi in the back seat and climbed in the passenger's seat. J got in and we started driving towards the forest where our pack house was hidden. I smirked as we got further and futher from the school. Ah, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. You need to learn how to keep a closer eye on your mate. Its a good thing Alfa Cloud gave us that potion... that way we smell like regular humans to all supernatural creatures. Otherwise this wouldn't have worked. Ryan would have known we were wolves and kept an eye on us, and then how would have we gotten to Candi?

I stoped worrying about it. I mean, we've got the girl now, so we're home free. Just as I thought that we pulled up infront of the pack house. Oh, this was gonna be good....

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