The early years

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Third POV

Time - 1 month after Perseus's birth.

Place - Atlantis

The man had been standing there for the past two hours. Any other person would have already left, frustrated and angered by the fact that he was kept waiting for such a long time. But this was different. The man was happy and excited at the prospect of getting another son. He knew that there was a reason he was kept waiting by his friend.

The man stood about 6'2 with a muscular build. His face was enough to make any woman , even some men to blush and drool, bit the most prominent feature about his face was his beautiful sea-green eyes, which could captivate anyone.

This was Poseidon, Lord of the seas and king of Atlantis. His wait came to an end when a ripple spread through the water around him. About twenty metres away from him, the water started boiling and swirling. It looked as if a portal was being opened there. Knowing that no one in his pantheon had enough strength to make a portal, it confirmed his guess that it was indeed his friend.

The energy radiating from the portal was enough to turn even a minor god to dust. Even Poseidon had to shut his eyes to prevent energy being drained to keep his health up. Once the light dimmed, two people stepped out of the portal. The male was 6'6 tall and had an aristocratic look. He had the aura of a leader around him that made Poseidon's instincts scream to obey the powerful man. And the sea didn't like to bend to anyone. This was the effect the man had on the people around him. This was Thor, Norse god of thunder, warfare and justice.

Beside him stood a lady who was 5'10 . She had a calming aura around her that made you trust her without hesitation. She was more beautiful than even Aphrodite could ever dream to be. This was Sif, Norse goddess of family, food and fertility.

Did carried a bundle wrapped in blankets in her arms. Poseidon didn't even need to take a look to know that this was Perseus, last born son of Thor and Sif, the legacy of Asgard.

Thor smiled a sad smile when he spotted his brother in all but blood. Poseidon mirrored his expression and ran up to him and hugged him. After separating, he offered a small smile and nod of recognition to Sif. Looking at the baby, he asked, "I take it this is Perseus?" Thor nodded as he looked at the baby, his  eyes filled with despair and longing.

Poseidon caught this look and patted his friend on his back. Sif had tears in her eyes as she handed over the baby to Poseidon. "Please take care of him Lord Poseidon. He is the most important thing to me. "

Poseidon nodded his head confidently and replied, "Of course, milady. From now on, he will be known as Perseus, son of Thor and Sif, the adopted son of Poseidon and prince of the seas. The child of two pantheons."

The next few moments were spent by Thor talking to Poseidon and saying his last goodbyes to Perseus, while Sif was openly sobbing and playing with Perseus for the last time.

Lastly, Poseidon spoke, "When should I tell him about his true heritage?"

Thor replied in a firm tone, " You will not tell him anything till the time is right for him. Until father deems it fit to let him know, he should remain clueless about his true parents."

Sif then turned to the two males with a death glare and spoke in a fake sweet voice, " I know about the 'conquests' you guys had before Thor married me and you married lady Amphitrite. Knowing Thor's libido, I fear that my son will be more attracted towards ladies than normal. Also, Lord Loki has been kind enough to inform me that your 'playboy' attitudes are one of the reasons you both are great friends. I swear to the creator that if my son becomes like this, I will hunt you both down even in the realm of faded. So, I would like it if lady Amphitrite is also included in my son's upbringing."

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