Men Are From Mars (4)

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“I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” I practically shouted my line when I banged open the door; the bell hanging over it rang wildly making Ava who was standing at the check out counter look up. I had probably sounded a touch off of the innocent yet seductive helper that my best friend had cast me as. At least I had made an entrance…

Ava raised an eyebrow at me, but recited her line; “I told you I’d be here silly. Remember, I want to interview an employee of the Surf Shack for the film.”

What was my next line, I wondered as I approached the counter, something about a sexy employee… “Ah employee…?” I managed.

“Employee.” A strong voice cut in before Ava could respond, “an individual who is hired to perform a specific job. Duh.”

Since I had walked into the shop, I had been very careful to keep my gaze on Ava, the surfboards and swimsuits, anywhere but him. A slight hope had sprung from the back of my mind as I had stormed away from Tyler minutes before, that if I avoided looking at the bad boy from my past he would just disappear again.

No such luck. Slowly I turned my head in the voice’s direction.

“Hey Bailey.” He said as I watched his plump lips form the shape of my name.

“You remember Liam Connary from junior high, right Bay?” Ava asked, still trying to follow her lines. But, I wasn’t paying attention and her words sounded as if my ears had popped or she was underwater.

All my attention was focused on the stranger behind the counter. No way was this the scrawny Liam Connary who had pushed me all those years ago. The boy standing in front of me had a beanie on his head, which was most likely holding a mop of his golden locks at bay. Muscles were popping out of his wifebeater, and pinned to his chest was an employee nametag that read: Surfer Dude Liam.

But his eyes were what caught me, not a sharp cold blue like Tyler’s, but a tropical ocean aqua.

Ava didn’t swoop in with any magical script re-writes, leaving me unprepared at how to respond. I stuck my hand in my back pocket where my script was, hoping to soak up some of the lines I was desperately trying to remember. Why did Ava have to make this so difficult?

“Hi, wink seductively.” I managed to choke out.

Liam smirked. “Say what?” He asked trying not to laugh.

Crap! I thought to myself as I mentally palmed my forehead, I wasn’t supposed to say that, I was supposed to do it! Screw these stupid lines!

“Never mind,” I mumbled embarrassed for myself. Quickly, I shot a glare at Ava who was no help what so ever; she was eagerly filming the both of us.

“Okay then,” Liam said finally letting out a small chuckle. He put his elbows on the counter and leaned closer to me, “So how have you been Bailey? We haven’t talked in forever.”

How have I been? My boyfriend of a year just dumped me out of the blue and my insane best friend who is really probably an alien is trying to set me up with you, I wanted to shout.

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