Chapter Thirty-Eight (Part 1)

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"People in the back listen up, we're going through the woods when we turn left. We have to get out of this tight space if we don't want to harm any innocent people." Dean said as I nod my head. My hands gripped onto the machine gun. I wanted to pull the trigger, to magically hit Leo's head. I wanted him dead. The man I once loved already drowned from the deepest part of the ocean. He can no longer come back. Or so I thought he drowned.

The realization hit me like a lightning strike. The leather book, the pictures that I saw of me. The fear that I had when I was once young, like someone was stalking me from a distance. I finally had my answers deciphered. He knew me when I didn't. I was a prey. Everything was planned all along. Where we met and how I fell for his lovely trap. My future was planned, when my view was blinded.

My parents knew. How couldn't they? The way they acted when the Ainsley's were near, the way they stutter and stumble upon their words. I reflected about my own experience, I was the same. Captivated, unsure of what to say. How, why , when. I truly hated the sin but once loved the sinner.

I bit down my lip, wanting a different pain to strike me instead. I was filled with love, not even turning around to look at the destruction that was happening behind me. The reality of what marrying the devil had led me to.

I blinked once.

Then twice.

"(Y/n)! Down!" Zach shouted, Simon pushing my head down as a bullet blasted through the back window of the car, piercing through the rearview mirror. Dean's eye multiplying into five from the broken mirror. "You two okay? Anyone got hurt?" I asked, looking at Simon then to Dean and Zach. "We're good." Zach assured me as Dean went left. When Dean turned left, I sat back up as I went onto my knees.

I lift up my machine gun and fired. Zach looked behind me, "(Y/n) what the hell are you doing?! You might shoot someone! We're still not in the woods!" he said in distress but I only ignored him. I kept firing, focusing my aim on whoever I see inside the black car. I lowered down as they began to fire back.

I made eye contact with Simon, "I'm going to kill him Simon, I'm going to kill him like he did to everyone I loved!" I said in anger, my tears blinding my sight as I wiped it away with my arm. I rose up from my sit and began firing again. Simon went on his knees as he fired too, I looked at him and smiled. I looked back as I aimed my machine gun on the tires, firing three times on both tires. The car slowed down as Simon shot a bullet, landing on one of Leo's men as his head rest down on the seat.

Dean sped up the car as I put my middle finger up at the other car. I could see through the black tinted windows his figure, I knew him well enough than to not recognize the devil's form.

There was already a huge hole on the back window. I lift my hand up to my neck, my thumb gliding straight to my throat as I pointed at him.

I aimed my gun at his figure and pulled the trigger. I missed.

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