Part 30 ~ Life Is Odd

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The Twins are 8
Mariana is 4
Marley Kay is 2

Last chapter of this book! There will be an epilogue, but I'm not sure if I will do a sequel anymore.

I walk around the room greeting guests as they make their way around the little cafe. Everyone is beaming at me, I'm glad though. It's been 2 years since Martin died, 2 years since I had Marley, and 4 months since Tilly had her son Jaxx.

Life has been crazy, balancing 4 kids by myself. But, I know Martin keeps in touch, the open when letters have been made use of. I counted all of them and there are 600 letters, 100 for each kid, 100 for me, 50 for my future spouse, and 50 for everyone.

"Kat, it's you are up." I hear my assistant Linda say

I nod and walk up to the podium.

"Hello everyone. Welcome to the 100th Katie M's Cafe opening. I myself can't even believe that I have made it here over the past two years. Life has a crazy way of working things out, mostly with personal things. Now, I would like to introduce the person even I haven't met yet, the investor who funded over 79% of our locations!! Give it up for Mr. Q!!"

The curtain is pulled back and I see a face I haven't seen in forever.

"Katie," he says

"Chance, your here."

"Indeed I am. Now, I best be doing my speech."

"Yeah," I say stepping back

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Chance Quinn, the mysterious investor for Katie M's Cafe. As you know I recently took over the Quinn Corporation when my father and mother died in a tragic car accident. I know that this woman has sacrificed so much over the last 2 years, that is why I decided that 80% of my inheritance was going to help her start her dream. I know she will do good, and I have a question for her. So, Katie come on up next to me." I slowly walk up to the podium, having no clue what he's about to do. "This woman right here, is the most amazing human on this earth. 4 1/2 years ago I read this, and now I intend to read it again. Infact it is a promise, to someday marry you. This is a promise ring, I know my feelings are real and true for you. So, Katie, will you accept this ring as a promise, my promise that someday we will be married for better or worse, through blessings & curses. And most of all to be their for our children every scrape, bump, and fall. To wipe every tear, and kiss every bruise. Will you be mine? Except, I don't want to marry you someday. Katie James, will you marry me?"

"Yes." I say smiling "Yes, Yes, A million times yes!!!"

He slips the ring on my finger and embraces me and kisses me.

"Katie, I swear I won't mess anything up ever again."

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