Halloween Special

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I looked through my closet to get my costume for our class party.I took out a red turtle neck sweater,a blue scarf,black sweater with yellow,black shorts with a blue stripes on the side,red socks and black sneakers.I put them on and went to do my make up.I make blue lines under my eyes and going down,they kinda look like tears.Can you guess who I am.Did you guess.If you guessed error sans you are correct.He is one of my favorite au sans and he can do the same things as me.I went down stairs and got my stuff.I bid (cats name) and Pixel goodbye,and dashed out the door.I entered the classroom and saw everyone in their costumes they looked cool.I went over to Kirishima and Pikachu,I started talking to them for awhile, until the door opened to reveal Aizawa.He was dressed as a mummy,what a convenient costume for him.We all sat down and he started playing a movie it was Coraline.I love this movie.


After the movie finished Itsuki came over to me,"I see you came as Error sans,suits you","Thanks, Lucifer".The door opened to reveal Miyuki,She ran over to me and hugged me.She was dressed as Blue from Underswap.

"I think Error isn't the best sans and Blue isn't cool"

I glared over to find Mineta saying that.He felt my glare and started shaking,"First of all Error is cool and all sans Au's are cool"

"Even Fresh"?

"Yes,he follows my no swearing policy"

"Even lust"

"He's ok,he has his reasons and he can still get more girls than you Mineta"


"Come on Miyuki let's go trick or treating",she grabs my hand,"Okay".I say goodbye to everyone and walk out with Miyuki and Itsuki.

Happy Halloween

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