Chapter 44

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"Get up, get up, geeeettt up!" I yell, jumping on Alex.

She groans and sits up, looking at me. She stretches her arms. "Morning, cutie," she yawns.

"Morning," I smile. "Get up, go take a shower, we're going out."

"Going where?"

"Out. Shower, baby."

"Take one with me."

"Ok..but how about a bath instead?"

She smiles, biting her bottom lip, her dimples popping. "You're bad."

"Go start the water," I say, kissing her neck and squeezing her ass as she walks away. She laughs, walking into the bathroom. I hear the water start running as I grab a scrunchie and tie my hair into a really messy ponytail at the top of my head. I walk into the bathroom and see Alex sitting on the counter, on her phone. "What do you always do on your phone?" I ask.

"Nothing," she shrugs, locking her screen.

"You have to be doing do something," I say, pouring some bubble bath into the tub.

"I'm usually just watching lesbian porn."

I look at her.

"Ok, you know that was a joke. I don't need porn. I have my own sexy little lady to watch, now don't I?"

"You can do more than watch me."

"Yeah, I can get in the bath with you. Take off your clothes."

"You first," I say.

She pulls her shirt off over her head, running a hand through her messy wavy, curly hair.

"More," I smile.

She laughs, pulling off her sweatpants. "Now, you."

I smile and pull my shirt off over my head, tossing it on the floor. My shorts are off next, and then I unhook my bra, sliding it down my arms. "Your turn."

She unhooks her bra too, sliding it down her arms. She runs a hand through her hair, looking at me.

Something about her makes my stomach flutter. Maybe it's her creamy skin that's soft to the touch, or her long dark hair in contrast with her big gray eyes, or the way she's so perfect without trying at all. She doesn't wear makeup, or fancy clothes and half the time she doesn't even brush her hair, but she's still the equivalent of a goddess and I want her more than anything in the world. I just wanna feel her touch me, I want those big, gray eyes to look into mine, I want her to run her fingers through her hair and smile and laugh at me for 'being a girl' and 'doing stupid girl shit'. I want to love her, it's the only thing I wake up for in the mornings.

I slide my panties down my legs and she does the same, her eyes raking my body. I walk to the tub and get in, sitting down. She gets in too and sits between my legs, leaning back to lay her head on my shoulder. I kiss her head and intwine our fingers under the suds.

"Remember when we first met?" she asks, looking at our intwined hands and playing with my fingers.

"Mhmm," I smile. "You were a real cutie."

She chuckles, her head still on my shoulder. "I was in love with you."

" were?"

She nods. "Yeah, that's why I was so mean. I told you I've liked you since tenth grade."

"Yeah, but you said liked..not loved."

She shrugs. "Back then, I thought I just wanted to have sex, I never thought I'd wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I knew I wanted you though."

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