(Smairuhh) experiences can really change you

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Hello I need attention, her screen says and Smairuhh wakes up.

Omg hi finally

Smairuhh: What's happening where am I.

She doesn't remember falling asleep or coming here, wherever this is. She doesn't recognize this bed or this room. Everything smells weird and her body hurts and there's a low tide of danger still ebbing from the base of her brain.

You're OK. Breathe. You're on HEV: Healthcare Emergency Victims

This checks out. The smells are healthcare smells - they sell this scent at Target. She's wearing an HEV-branded outfit. The phrase I don't know who needs to hear this but: things get harder before you level up is written in LiveLaughLove font on the wall across from her. Outside her room there are normal beeps and noises and screams and people running by.

Smairuhh: wth am I ok?

You're fine. For now. I mean who knows how the experience will have changed you going forward. You've been through a very traumatic event.

Smairuhh is about to ask for more information about the traumatic event when a series of messages appears on her screen.

Walmartini: Hey, haven't heard from you lately.

Walmartini: Just checking in to make sure you're OK dealing with everything.

Walmartini: When you're feeling better I'm really excited to continue this journey with you.

Walmartini: I'm hoping we can both agree it's time to focus on us more?

Smairuhh: What, journey, are we even on. Idek what to do about that.

Anyways like I was saying-

Smairuhh: I don't remember how I got here.

What do you remember

Smairuhh: I was at Qynka's wedding. I was having so much fun with everyone. I was like right there with them and I felt like I really belonged. And then. Something happened. I was worried. Qynka was in trouble. I was trying to save her.

You got it.

Smairuhh: Someone was attacking her. Someone gross. I was like right next to her, trying to get her attacker off her. I was trying to be helpful. Is Qynka OK?

Yes she's fine. Thanks to you

Smairuhh: I helped.


Smairuhh: OK. Yay. But who was that?

We're not totally sure yet but from what we can tell so far, Alikatase wasn't as enthusiastic about the wedding as she claimed to be

Smairuhh: Gasp no way.

Yes! Apparently she hatched a plot to send this attacker after Qynka and ruin the wedding and probably even kill her.

Smairuhh: Wow. This is both really surprising but also somehow very like her. Of course she would never forgive Qynka for murdering her daughter and welcome her into the family like that, no matter how deeply she and Azelbeth loved each other.

Exactly. We think the attacker was Conspirasan - it looks like Alikatase was working with them to concoct a virus and give it to Qynka. But she should have just worked with people who are better at science, because something went wrong, the attacker got sick and then he carried the virus around the city and to the wedding. A lot of people got very sick...not everyone survived

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