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Those red eyes belonged to a short, little girl with curly, blonde hair and flawless, pale skin. A beautiful, pink dress wrapped around her body perfectly... but they reminded you of something. You couldn't seem to put your finger to it, but she was eerily similar to something. She was watching you with those strange amber hues of hers and was looking at you as if she had never seen another human before.

The young man that was briskly walking out of the office room was now whirling around, his dark green hues flashing angrily. They laid on the little girl for a moment, so she slightly flinched in response. You almost did the same, but when you blinked, his expression completely changed to a neutral expression. Confused, you watched as he calmly walked back to you and the little girl. Was that just a figure of your imagination?

"[Y/N], this is my niece Veria," Blaise explained, tilting his head towards the little girl. "She's just staying here for a little while, as I'm taking care of her while her parents are busy."

You widened your eyes in surprise and observed the two side by side. They didn't seem to be family with their distinguishable features, but maybe it was just mainly the eyes of the girl that was throwing you off. The little girl then moved forward, holding a dainty hand out at you. A soft, high pitched voice rang into your ears as you accepted her handshake. "Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you, [Y/N]."

Forcing out a tight-lipped smile, you nodded. "Likewise."

"Who are you to Blaise? What were you doing in his office?" she asked, her mood changing suddenly. Her grin dropped from her face as she took a step closer to you. It was as if she was scrutinizing you from top to bottom.

"Veria. Stop bothering my customers," the man interrupted her. "Please, why don't you return to playing with your dolls?"

The young girl helplessly stared at Blaise and as they made eye contact, you could see there were unspoken words shared between them. With a slump of her shoulders, she padded off into the distance, where the shadows of the dark room were too dim to see.

Focusing your attention back on the man with the top hat, you saw him inclining his head in apology. "I'm terribly sorry about that, miss. She's just a little protective of me and all, since her... parents aren't around as much."

Your eyes softened and you nodded in understanding. Maybe this gut feeling of yours was wrong and you shouldn't have been so quick to judge. Veria was just a little girl anyway, and the close bond between these two was sweet. You hoped she wouldn't have to go through what you did and instead, receive the love that any child deserve of their parents. "No need to apologize. I can relate to her," you responded gently.

"You can?" he queried, his face lighting up in interest. Memories surged into your mind as you thought back to your childhood. It was so much more simple during those times when it was just you and your father. It was a peaceful life and though your father worked hard for your guys' financial problems, both of you were happy... content... and free. Your late mother may have passed away when you were just a baby due to illness, but your father made up for it all. He was enough. He was home.

Short, stout legs underneath you ran across the vast fields that stretched for miles and miles. Letting out heavy pants as you persistently continued to your destination, you wouldn't stop until you reached the small house that sat there among the plains. The heavy sun beating down on you and making you work up a sweat, you pushed through it because you needed to do this quick.

All you see in your vision was green, green, and more green. Large crops grown in rows and rows, you often played in their maze-like designs during your past times. Your hands clamping into a ball in front of your chest, a velvety feeling tickled your palms, so you let out a laugh.

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