Sara (P.O.V) :-

I was standing in the hallway by my locker when i notice something different in my hand, there was a half drawing star on it, i tried to wipe it but i couldn't, i thought it was my annoying brother who draw star while i was sleeping, i was thinking of a revange when the bell rang  & everyone started walking to their classes, so istarted walking to mine too.

Sadly while i was walking i hit on something hard, that made my booka collided with the floor, i looked up to see an un-familiar face smiling wildely at me.

He was wearing a black jeans with a black t-shirt , with a leather jacket on, to match his black eyes.

He notice me checking him out, so i immediately turend around & looked down at my books & start backing them up & he helped me too.

After finish backing " Thanks for helping me out " I said " No problem it was my fault anyway " He replayed.

He hold his hand out for me to shack and said " I'm Drew William nice meeting you" I shock his hands " I'm Sara Thomas nie meeting you 2 ".

His expression changed to something I can't figure it up  when I told him my name, so i was going to walk away when he stoped me " Do you want me to show you around ? cuz you seem lost " He asked .

Something inside me keept telling me that i should get away from him as fast as i could so i refused then walked away .

I could hear him mumbling something that i couldnt understand, but i didnt really care, i just kept on walking to my class.

I was 10 minutes late thanks to Drew , but hopefully the teacher was absent, so i headed back to my dorm.


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