Imagine (Justin Bieber)

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#Imagine Finally! Today is the concert. Just a few hours and you'll see your idol Justin Bieber. After you come back from school you jump through the shower. While your hair is drying you look for a good outfit for today. You put on some very short hot pants, a  purple tank top and white sneakers. You smooth your hair you put on a purple snap-back with a lettering of BELIEBER. That's the perfect outfit. Only two hours left until the concert begins. You go to the concert hall and entry. Many girls have waited here for hours. It's huge and you start smiling big. You're in one of the last rows in the indoor. Then the concert started. You're happy like never before, but you know, in a few hours it all ends and you get a bit sad. Suddenly someone taps on your shoulder. You turn around and the woman who stands there is Allison. Your mouth opens. "Do you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl?", she asks. You start screaming. "YES!!!!! Oh my gosh yes pleeeease! THANK YOU!" She takes your hand and leads you behind the stage. You're so excited. "What's your name?" You answer her. "Alright, [Y/N], you'll go on stage with Justin. Please stay calm, then he brings you back to the backstage area. Okay?" You nod. Then it goes fast. Justin sings for you and you're back behind the stage. Justin whispers in Kenny's ear. He comes up to you and tells "Justin wants you to wait here for him. You can see the concert on the flat-screen." You don't know what's going on. After he finishes the show he comes up to you. He smirks and he's sweaty. "Hey [Y/N]. I want to invite you to my house. Is that okay?" You nod hard. He smiles and takes your hand. Then he pulls you to a limousine. "Why are you doing this?" you ask a bit confused but overjoyed. "You'll see", he winks. When the limousine stops he leads you to his house. He shows you every room,  last his bedroom. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Slowly you shake your head. He grins. All of a sudden he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls your body against his. You can feel his warm breath in your ear. "You're beautiful", he whispers. He presses his lips on yours and he kisses you passionately. You enjoy this and kisses him back. It goes hard and your tongues are struggling, he wins. Slowly he takes off you top and you undress his upper body. Skilfully he opens your bra and it falls down on the floor. He stares at your breasts without stopping the kiss. He starts to stroke them until he knead them. You moan quietly. Your kisses turn away from his face and you kiss him from the chest down to his beautiful abs. Then you carefully untie his pants and pull them, including his boxers, down. You can see Jerry, who is much bigger than you thought. Your tongue streak his shaft first, then you take Jerry completely in your mouth. You spoil him with your blow job skills. Justin moans and he gets louder and louder. Suddenly he pushes you away. "I need to call". He leaves the room. You don't understand what's going on. After several time he comes back. "I'm sorry" he says with a cute face. You say it's okay for you and you smile. "Where we left off?" he asks mischievously. He comes to you and kisses you again. He opens you pants and pull'em down. Then he puts his hand in your panties and rubs your clit a bit. You groan. He pulls you panties down and throws you on his bed. You open your legs and he starts licking your pussy. Sometimes he plugs his tongue in your hole. You groan more and more. Then he sticks two fingers in it. He thrust them in it over again and you claw in the bed. He takes a third finger and he gets faster. At first it hurts a bit but  instantly it becomes pleasure. "I-I-I neeeed YOU in me. N-N-NOW!" you scream. He smirks and puts Jerry in you. At first he's slowly but he gets faster and his cock gets further into you. You moan loudly. It's just the second time you have sex and his penis is huge, so you have some pain. But it vanishes and you want more. "Harder! Faster!" you scream. Justin laughs. He gets faster and every thrust is harder. Now his whole dick is inside of you and you want it never to end. You both stand it a long time until he screams "I'm cumming!" He looks a bit desperate. "Me too!" you scream back. After 2 more hard thrusts you both ejaculate. He smiles. "We should repeat that one time." He winks. Then he puts his arm around you and you both fall asleep. That was the best sex you'll ever have in your life.

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