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cant you see that im falling

after a week, vinnie had posted a video that stirred up everything.

(the song thats like "do do do do doo do do do doo" or "just beat it" yk? its beat it by mj you know)

the first part of the video was him laying down with the words "let this be a note to all the guys" then it went into a transition with red lights, milo sleeping on his chest and words of "no need to slide into her dm's anymore"





jhuxhold: my man

fan: wait she looks so cute while she sleeps

fan: shes always sleeping lol

fan: if you guys break up again, i might die on sight

fan: but like the hickeyyy

fan: manz was getting it in

of course vinnie and milo didnt actually do anything, he just put it there for the tiktok. after about an hour, she was awake and next to vinnie. he was tickling her as she squirmed around and tried to get out of his grip.

"vinnie pleaseeee" she whined as he continued tickling her.
"im literally gon-gonna start crying!" she warned.

he finally came to a stop as he rolled them over so milo was straddling his waist.

"lets make out" he mentioned.
"of course you'd say that" she said while rolling off and standing.
"please princesssss" he replied while also standing.

she groaned as vinnie's hands flew to her waist as he held her close to him. it got to be very distracting since he didnt have a shirt on but hey, she wasn't complaining. he leaned in and placed his lips onto hers. he removed one of his hands from her waist and brought it to her cheek before lightly caressing it. he took a few steps forward with her still in his grip as he gently pushed her down to the bed.

he hovered over her as he softly kissed down her jaw and to her neck. her small hands tugged and played with his hair in order to contain her moans as he kissed her sweetspot.

the moment was completely ruined when there was a knock at the door. vinnie groaned and pushed himself off the bed before opening the door to see a bag of food on the floor in fromt of his bedroom.

"thanks jordan!" he yelled through the house.
"your welcome!"

he closed the door and walked back over to her. he jumped ontop as she quickly rolled from under him and stood up. he followed so they were on opposite sides of the bed. they both had big smiles as vinnie tried to chase her around his room.

he put his hands up jokingly like a boxer as he pretended to swing but instantly took the small girl into his arms when he noticed how she flinched.

"im sorry baby" he said as he held her close.
"no no, im okay"
"your shaking"
"im fine i promise. it was just kind of a reflex i guess" she whispered.
"i love you okay?" he mentioned.
"i love you too"

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