Chapter 123

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Saturday, June 17
7:45 a.m.


Today is the day my best friend is getting married and I'm just so happy for her.

I woke early so I could spend some time with Brielle before the wedding since she's not going. I fed her and changed her, then we hung out in the bedroom.

My phone vibrated a couple times and when I looked down, I had messages from Blake & Monique.

mi amor 😍❤️: I haven't seen you in a day and I already miss you.

You mean to tell me all I have to do is have his babies, and he sends me cute text messages everyday?

me: i miss you too but we'll see each other soon.

mi amor 😍❤️: I love you.

me: i love you more.

After I texted him, I checked Monique's message.

niquey 🐻💕: what time are you coming back to the hotel?

me: probably around 10 or 10:30.

niquey 🐻💕: ok. i'll see you then. 😘

I set my phone down, then carried Brielle to Gail so I could take a shower.


10:35 a.m.

I get to the hotel, go up to the suite and the girls were drinking mimosas. Why the hell are we drinking so early in the morning?

"What's up hoes?" I said, taking my shades off.

"Bri! Thank God you're back!" Monique said, running up to hug me.

"Did y'all miss me?"

"Yes, oh my God. These bitches are so boring," Monique said, whispering the last part.

I laughed at Monique because she's either drunk or being brutally honest.

"So are you ready to get married today?" I asked her as the makeup artists and hairstylists made their way inside.

"Yes! I'm so ready to marry the love of my life and become Monique Shanice Jordan," she smiled.

Holy shit, my best friend is so cute.

"You're so freakin' adorable," I mumbled.

She sat in the chair to get her makeup done and I stood up against the wall and watched them make her glamorous.


The wedding was beautiful. I'm so glad Monique found someone that loves and genuinely cares about her.

As the reception was going on, I sat with Jordan and we watched everyone slow dance since Blake & Deshawn are being assholes.


I turned around and my mom was holding Ford, who was knocked out. "We're gonna take the boys home. We'll see y'all later."

"Okay." I kissed Ford & KJ's foreheads and my parents left.

As soon as I sat down, Blake approached me and he was smiling.

"You're very beautiful. Have we met before?" he asked.

"I don't think we have," I said, going along with his game.

"Well beautiful stranger, would you like to dance?"

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