Featuring "His Personal Slave" by Ella Larena.

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Nowadays, people usually get tired, specifically teenagers to buy books at the bookstores. But looks like someone found a way to actually get this generation to read. A website called Wattpad is a place where there are unlimited stories made by ordinary people like us. They write things from their own imagination. Some are fan fictions like this. Teenagers these days come to this site to read or write their own stories. I’m proud to say that I’m one of those. And there, I found this story which made a great impact on me.

His Personal Slave, by Ella Larena

Who would have thought that just because of a stupid mistake, you became stupid enough to fall for someone?

Meet Kathryn Santiago. A socially-awkward nerd. Then one day, she accidentally dropped the food she’s holding on the king of their school (Montenegro University), Daniel Montenegro, ruining his apparently expensive shirt. And because of that, Daniel would like to take revenge. He would like to make Kathryn as “His Personal Slave” for a month! Or else, Kathryn would pay P200,000 for what she did.

With every click I made, these questions kept running on my mind “Will Kathryn survive?” “Will she be a successful slave or will she in the end pay the P200,000 she owes?” and the most intriguing question was “Will a love form between their cat-and-dog relationship?”

This story stars one of the hottest Filipino teen love teams of this generation; Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla or better known as “KathNiel”.

The author, Ella Larena, is a 17-year old aspiring writer. She is a member of a fan club related to said loveteam; KathNiel Kadreamers World. This particular story of hers has already made more than a million reads and thousands of votes with her username modernongmariaclara.

I’m proud that I got to go with them on their Rollercoaster story of love. So if you actually plan to read this story, Get Ready! For Daniel Montenegro and Kathryn Santiago will let you experience how magical love is!


(c) Mary Chris D./ immarycdalz.

Special Thanks to: Riane Acharon/ rianenichelle.

Featuring "His Personal Slave" by Ella Larena.Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!