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Almost two weeks slowly passed with only occasional visits from Saroise who came to monitor my condition. She would try to make small talk but I was in no mood to chat or get friendly with my kidnappers. Little by little, the slash wounds on my back started to heal however it would take several more weeks for the wounds to fully close with scars that would always be a constant reminder of the worst days of my life. Aside from the scars, the cast on my arm would not be allowed off for another eight weeks since my bones had broken at two different points in my radius and ulna.

Eventually on the dawn of the twelfth day, Charlotte stood in the doorway knocking on the open door timidly letting me know that she was there.

"Go away!" I told her rudely, turning myself over on the bed away from her. I did not want to see anyone. 

"I just thought maybe I would stop by and see if you wanted to get a breath of fresh air? You've been in here a while. It's also Thanksgiving and Saroise said I should come and get you. She said you should try walking around a little bit because if you don't, you'll start to lose some of the muscle in your legs," Charlotte informed me, leaning against the door.

"Oh," I mumbled, feeling my heart clench in misery. I was suppose to spend this Thanksgiving with my mother, stepfather and my sister Hazel up in South Carolina but I guess that was not the plan anymore. I felt enraged that I had lost a holiday that I would never get back to spend with my loved ones.

While ignoring Charlotte's presence, I wondered if Mom had told Hazel about my whereabouts but I don't think she would tell her the truth since she would not want Hazel to agonize over me. The biggest question on my mind though was if Mom was sending any help or if she would even find me. So many questions plagued me that I had resorted to detaching myself from the world, it was a defense mechanism so I couldn't risk getting hurt anymore physically or emotionally.

"I also have some clothes for you to wear. I'm sure you don't want to wear the hospital gowns anymore." Charlotte spoke up again ruining my train of thought and I grunted in response. It had been almost two weeks since I showered because the doctor had advised me not to because my wounds were still fresh and open. Rin told me she wanted it to scab up a little first before exposing to water in fear that an infection could arise.

"I'll just leave the clothes here on the chair if you decide to eat," Charlotte whispered and walked out closing the door softly behind her. I turned, wincing slightly and pressed the red button on my remote control to call for Rin who appeared several moments later smiling.

"Hello Eira. Do you need anything?" She questioned, her brown eyes scanning over me quickly to make sure that everything was fine. 

"Can I take a shower yet?" I requested, pushing myself up slowly in order to not exert myself.

"Let me check your back," Rin muttered, walking over to the sink and washing her hands.  I watched her put on some surgical gloves to keep the wound free of contamination to prevent the likelihood of infection. 

"Alright I warn it's going to hurt when I take the dressing off," she warned and I bit my lip as she pulled dressing away from my back but otherwise stayed still as she examined it.

"Alright everything looks better than it was. You may take a shower but do not have your back facing the shower head. We don't want any of the wounds reopening since the injury is still in a very fragile state right now. Once you're out, I need to rewrap your dressing so put on the hospital gown in the bathroom," she clarified taking the gloves off and throwing them in the waste container.

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