A good day

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After I finished my homework,I skyped Kate,she answers as usual.God how I miss her."Y/N!I miss you so much"Kate says."kate,I miss you so much too"I say."so got any gossip for me?"Kate winks."well I guess?I'm hanging out with a guy named Matt"I say."oooh,is he hot?"Kate asks."sure,I guess"I say a little quieter."so is it a date or just a casual hang out?"Kate asks."no no,just casual"I say."oh"Kate says.Me and Kate had a small catch up and then I had to go to bed because of school.Yay.Hanging out with Espinosa might be better than I though or even worse.

The next morning I get up and do the usual.I wait for Hayes to knock the door and we go to school.As soon as we get there I see Matt.He just smiles;I smile back,being polite.We get to the bench as usual but Holly and Aaron aren't there.Weird."so where's Holly and Aaron?"I ask."They are with Jc,they have gone to help him catch up with work.Since he moved to New York for a few months."Shawn says.I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach,Is this Jc Caylen?It can't be.Oh yeah,Jc and I met when he came to LA to see some of his family for a month.We became very close and got into a relationship,he had to go back to Virginia but I had no idea it was here."are you ok Y/N?"Mahogany asks."yes"I say quietly.I wonder how things are gonna be?Should I keep it a secret?I think it's the best thing to do.

Not long later we see Jc,Holly and Aaron approach us."Hi!Y/N Jc just came back from New York"Aaron says."oh cool"I say.Jc just looks shocked,"are you ok,Jc?"Holly asks."sure,in fact I already know y/n"Jc finally speaks up.shit."What,how?"Hayes asks."he came to my school for a month visiting family"I say in a low key."Yeah,I never thought we'd meet again"Jc chuckles.I don't say anything.If Matt finds out,Jc won't be his best friend for sure.The bell rings and I have history first lesson,I walk with the group until we all split up leaving me with holly.We walk to the lesson and I sit next to Matt again.He doesn't talk to me at all.I just ignore him too.Very awkward,I write down notes and suddenly Matt says"Are you still hanging out today?" "Sure"I reply.He smirks and says"Meet me at the park" I just look at him."what?"He asks."sure"I say,leaving him confused.the bell rings and I go to second lesson.

---skip to lunch----
When I get out of lesson I catch a glimpse of Gilinsky.He walks out the back door,I shrug it off because come on he's a bad boy you know?probably sparking up a cigarette with the others.I turn around and walk down the corridor..I get to the cafeteria and sit by all the group,I could just feel Jc's eyes on me.I wish we didn't ever date,there wouldn't be any awkwardness but I guess it is what it is.I sit down;get greeted by all the group.I turn around for a quick second;only cameron,Nash and two other guys were sat at the table.Then I think of Jack G going out the fire exit,so I decide to ask Aaron why Jack went that way."so Aaron,I saw Jack go out the fire exit by history (Mr Halic),why was he going that way?"I ask."he smokes right?yeah well he goes out there sometimes with Jack J and the other guys.Not all the guys smoke though"Aaron explains."oh so if I went out there what would happen"I ask."I don't know,they seem to like you."Aaron says."What if they didn't like me?"I ask."well those guys are unpredictable,anything can happen"Aaron replies.I nod in understanding. The bell rings and we all go to lesson.What do I have?I think to myself.Oh,social studies.I walk there,it's still my first time for everything in this school.We get into class and I get my seat assigned by a boy with light ish brown hair and deep brown eyes.As soon as he sees me he smiles."hey,I'm y/n"I say as I sit down."I'm Sam"Sam smiles."I haven't seen you around"I say."yeah,I'm busy with some stuff.Dont get to see most of my friends now"He says."how come?"I ask."caught up in studies"Sam says."oh really?Looks like work has taken over your life"I chuckle."yeah,I guess"Sam says."Y/N Y/L/N"Miss Florence shouts out."present!"I say.I later then learn his name is Sam Wilkinson."Ya know y/n you can call me Sammy.Eveyone does"Sammy says."sure"I smile.we get on with our work,I really like Sammy and he looks like one of those bad boys.Maybe he is?The bell rings;I go to my last lesson.

--skip to the last bell---
Finally!the last bell!I go to reception and I wait for Hayes.I do this if we don't have the last lesson together or I don't see him coming out of class.Hayes walks up to me."Hey y/n!"Hayes greets me."hey Hayes"I say.I'm so glad to see him,Hayes has been my first friend since I moved here.I feel like I've known him for years."So y/n just to tell you I won't be walking home with you tomorrow"Hayes says as we were walking out of school."Ok,how come?"I ask."I have to stay on because of football.I'm stuck with Cameron for another 2hours."Hayes says."oh cool"I say.We walk home and I get ready to go out with Matt.

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Woah,I will make a seperate part for when y/n goes out with matt.I was desperate to update!Demands for and update were a little higher too so I just thought I'd update!

Btw I added Sammy wilkinson so lessons won't be so boring and y/n has even more friends.So leave comments because I love reading them and if you got any suggestions I wana hear them!And also if you want me to add any more people I'll try and fit them in!

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