Chapter 3

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London, 2014

Honey brown eyes looked nervously at the four scheming friends before her.

"So thats your plan!" she asked.

"Of course its flawless," Andrew shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the wall.

Her eyes skipped to each of theirs and she wasn't convinced.

Rolling their eyes they all blew out frustrated breaths as they watched Tara shake her head at their half witted idea.

"See I told you she wouldn't be up for it," Carl whined tossing himself on the nearby bed.

It was not but over an hour ago before when they barged into the room and devised a plan to sneak out to go to a club. It took Mimi a hard time to convince her to even get dressed now its taking a hard time getting her out the door.

"Ok..ok..what if we get caught?" she argued.

"You know what? your right Tara, you stay here and get yourslf ready for bed while we go out and enjoy ourselves," Andrew shrugged sarcastically.

Angry that he would try this on her. They all looked around at eachother knowing full well they weren't going to leave her behind, she had to crack eventually.

With a heavy breath Mimi walked infront of her and stood with a determined stare looking at her friend.
Her partner in crime actually.

"Are you serious right now, you do know where we are? right?" Mimi rolled her head with attitude.

Breathing heavily she stood under the so called peer pressure of her loving friends that wanted to sneak out and have a good time.

A soft knock was at the door and she watched as Andrew opened the door.

Another kid peered his head in and stepped in quickly.

"Are we ready? I got us the car?" he spoke with a thick english accent.

Wait a minute she thought.

"Hi, and you are?" she gave a nervous smile.

With a beaming smile Mimi introduced Jonathan to her.

"This is Andrews cousin, he is from Sussex and has agreed to show us around and take us to the club."

Confused she looked at the cute boy that gave her a shy smile.

"Andrew I didnt know you had family here, " she looked at her friend.

"Yea my paternal great great grandfather was british," he explained before closing the distance with Jonathan and giving him a bear hug.

Breathing heavily she looked around the asking stares of whether she was going or not.

"Trust me Tara, you wont regret this," Mimi shook her and began to grin.

Shaking her head, she laughed as Carl, Andrew and Mimi grabbed her into their group hug. She loved these guys she absolutely loved them.


Her heart raced as they all filed out into the hallway and tiptoed out towards the elevator.

She nervously looked at her cell phone clock as the time marked

9:47pm! She looked quickly at the rest of them as they calmly stood and looked at one another.

Mimi inched closer to her and nudged her with her hips.

"Relax it will be fine," she giggled as the elevator stopped and the doors opened. With excitement Mimi grabbed her hand skipped with her out of the elevator.

They made a run to the car and stepped into it. And they were off.


The car ride was fun and soon she was relaxed and enjoying herself. She was in awe with the beautiful sight as they rode through the streets of London.

They finally made it to their destination and arrived at a club that was in full swing, music and lights galore.

They entered to the awesome tune of Lady Gaga's poker face blaring full blast. The crowd was thick as they pushed there way through. Further as they entered to her shock familiar faces smiled at her as they danced and enjoyed the music.

How could this be?  she thought as she saw a few of their schools cheerleaders with other friends dancing.

Daniella their yearbook photographer came close and squeezed her in a loving embrace and yelled for her Mimi, Andrew and Carl to pose for their picture.

Immediately they did and screamed cheese.

It was wild and crazy. She mused.

Soon the song changed and immediately the crowd grew louder.

As they began to jump and dance to Black eyed peas -I gotta feeling...

She smiled as she danced along as they all joined in to shout the lyrics on the dj's command.

She watched as Carl pulled Mimi into dance and she joined Andrew and Jonathan. Soon after all the familiar faces of her classmates grew closer and the crowd got wilder as

Franklin G. Garvins High School Class of 2014 danced their hearts out.

  It was definetley going to be a good night she laughed.

Just a little reminder that this is all fiction and non of the places or characters mentioned are real.
There is no such high school as Franklin G.Garvin.

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