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(1) I Love Him Forever More

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Don't Kiss And Tell

Chapter One... I Love Him Forever More...

Some people saw our relationship as merely a high school game. I claimed we were in love, and as far as I knew, James did the same. We were high schoolers, yes, perhaps too young to know what true love was. But we were seniors, we were both eighteen, and we were passionate with each other. And I always assumed that meant we were in love.

Maybe we were. Maybe we weren't. But I knew I could only come to regret ever falling for a guy like James.

His dark hair and green eyes were a total off-match for my blonde hair and blue eyes, but I didn't care. He was mine, and I was his. And for the longest part of two years, I believed that I was his one and only.

Had I known the truth back then, I'd have run in the opposite direction and never looked back.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning...


James Martin and I met when I moved from Long Island to Seattle when I was sixteen. He was the class clown, always getting into trouble. But he was brilliantly intelligent, which was odd considering he never paid attention in class. My first opinion of him? What a loser! And my, did that quickly change...

"Marto!" one of my classmates shouted after I'd silently slipped into a seat at the back of the classroom, going completely unnoticed.

"Russo!" James yelled back. "Hey bro! How was your trip to Australia?"

"Awesome!" Russo, or Russell as he was actually called, replied in another shout.

"Man, them parents of yours let you go to Oz for the summer!" James exclaimed. "My parents wanted to send me to footy camp. I was like, mom, no way! You know?"

"Yeah, man," Russell sighed. "We're totally going to Oz for winter break! It's summer over there then, man!"

"Was it cold in Oz?" James asked.

"Nah, not like it gets here," Russell answered.

At that moment the teacher had entered the classroom, and the two boys found their seats. Unluckily, I was stuck on either side of them.

"Hey, babe," Russell said to me. "What's your name, pretty?"

"Eugh!" I groaned in disgust. "Are you hitting on me?"

"Russell!" the teacher said to the boy next to me. "Will you shut your mouth before I throw this dictionary at you and ask you to read the whole damn thing?"

"Sorry, sir," Russell replied.

"Okay, then," the teacher started again. "We have a new student to the school in our class today. I want you to all make her feel welcome. Kaitlin Green, would you please come up the front and introduce yourself?"

All eyes fell on me as I felt myself blush. I hated being the centre of attention. My nerves always got the better of me. I slowly walked up to the front of the class, trying not to trip over. I could feel about twenty different sets of eyes on me, and I slowly turned around to face them all.

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