Chapter 2.

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| it began as a mistake|

listen: my time

jeongguk walked through the piles of flowers as if he was walking through the swarm. he managed to enter the newly established florist shop.

the shop is slightly cramped with crafts, ceramic figurines scattered all over the place. the entire interior looked simple, white, cozy yet sophisticated with the cottage style wall and paintings hung against them.

jeongguk carefully entered the shop and the scent of the sweet, sickly scent of flowers emits his system and he scrunched his nose slightly.

he then spotted someone standing near the counter, busy with the arrangements of the vases and crafts, with the back facing jeongguk along with a dark brown apron tied around his small figure.

jeongguk also noticed the mop of freshly dyed hazelnut brown hair with several piercings hanging by the ears as he uttered a small, "hi?"

the male turned around immediately and jeongguk froze at where he stood, his legs turned jelly and the jar that was on his shivering hands the whole time, screamed to fall off.

it's been five years.

it's him.

he never changed.

he was pretty.

he was still small, but mature.

he thought everything was still the same when he spotted that shiny, gleaming band upon the florist's ring finger.


guess who is it? :')

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