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You wake up to the bright light from your window just across the room, it's a wonderful winter day. You're starting to think about the night before, how Zac touched you on every single inch of your body. He's the only one who gives you goosebumps when he kisses you underneath your ear, right on the sensitive spot. He's the only one who makes you nervous just to be present in the same room, just by looking at him. His kisses are the best, especially those with tongue. He's always so gentle and careful, he's not pushing to hard nor mean. He always seems to say the right things even when he doesn't try and on top of all this he is a great cook, the dinner he made the night before was incredible. Especially the desert. You roll over to see an empty bed beside you and you sit up right on spot. You take his pillow, that's still warm, and crash your head in it. It smells lovely, no one smells like Zac. You take your knees up against your chest and sits like a ball, still with the pillow in your face. Suddenly you feel the bed tilt down to your right and a hand on your back. "Are you okay (Y/N)? Did I do something wrong?" Zac asks with a worried expression on his face when you look up from the pillow. "I'm so sorry if I did someth-" he starts but you cut him off by placing your hand over his mouth so he can't finish the sentence. " you didn't do anything wrong, the only thing you did was interrupting my moment with your pillow" you can feel his cheeks raise from his smile under your hand. He gentle takes your wrist by his hand and pulls it away from his mouth and there is the huge smile with the dimples you've been admiring for a long time. He pulls you closer, so close that you can feel his warm breath on your mouth. You stare into his clear blue eyes and then his mouth, he notices you staring so he takes his hand up to your cheek and crashes his lips to yours. You feel fireworks through your whole body that seems to never end, he lifts you by your waist and carries you out to the kitchen not breaking the kiss for a single moment. "Are you hungry babe?" He asks and breaks the kiss, "No, you?" You feel a desperate need to be with him right now, just to feel his lips on yours. He reads your expression and carries you back to the bedroom, "No, I'm definitely not hungry" he says at the same time as he throws you on the bed. He lays on top of you and ranks your body from top to toe, "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life (Y/N)". You can feel the heat on your cheeks raise, as shy as you are you look down. He takes his hand under your chin and lifts it up so you make eye contact with him, "I mean it" he says with a serious voice, this makes you so happy to hear 'cause no one has really said that to you before. "I love you Zac" you say with a huge smile on your face, an even bigger smile appears on Zac's face when he says "I love you so much more baby". He dives down and crashes your lips with each others'. It's a kiss with emotion, a kiss you've never felt before, a kiss that closes the world outside, it's just you and Zac for now and nothing else.

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