Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 12: Something Wicked This Way Comes

POV: Scorpius

"Do you forgive me now?"


"How about now?"




"Okay, How about—"

BAM. "For fuck sakes, Louis, the witch said no!" Having had been turning red, red, and redder the more time was wasted in hearing the same rant for the past two days, Freddie Weasley snapped entirely from his dorky-demeanor and went full-on nutter. He grabbed a bowl of oatmeal and chucked it across the table; even throwing pieces of toasts and forks as everyone froze for a moment.

"When are you going to get it through your ruddy head?!" Another fork went flying forward. "She said no yesterday, she said no in a letter, she said no coming down her dormitory, she said no coming into the Great Hall, and she's been fucking saying no for the past hour!"

Fork. Toast. Toast. Spoon.

And before a knife could be flung over by the redheaded Weasel boy, his sister was quick to reach over and pull his hand down. "Breathe, Freds," Roxanne soothed. "It's okay. Let it go."

As it appeared that Roxy had managed to settle her brother for just a moment, Louis peeked from behind the First Year Gryffindor he'd grabbed for a shield; tossing him aside like the kid was a ball of rubbish paper. Reaching over for the many pieces of toast that had been flung at him, the blonde Weasley pointed his wand at it and chanted, "Flora."

The watching eyes that'd been intrigued and amused by all the begging Louis had been doing since he sat himself on his house-table witnessed him move his wrist in a circular motion; causing the toast to turn into yellow flowers.

"Forgive me now?" Weasley extended the things with a cheesy, grand smile on his face as he practically shoved them up the nose of the person he was offering them too.

"I said no!" Coral McLaggen—Blonde Weasley's girlfriend for some bizarre reason—smacked the conjured flowers away from her. "You can transfigure all the bloody flowers known to mankind, but I will not forgive you, Weasley!"

As it's been known for ages now, Louis was a sodding idiot when he extended the flowers back to the girl. "I'm sorry, Cori."

"Don't call me Cori!" McLaggen shouted as she stood up from her seat, her black hair swaying everywhere as she shook with the clear anger she'd been harboring for two days. "I'm leaving—and don't you dare follow me! I don't want to see you!"

The dark-haired Seventh Year witch proceeded to leave, her loyal friends rising from their own seats and following after her heated steps. "Coral, come on!" Louis stood from the bench, watching the pack of girls. But as McLaggen kept walking, only raising a hand in the air to give him the finger, he sunk back down. "Bloody hell," he sighed.

"You're going to have to try harder than some flowers, Weasley," I told him as I pulled out my wand from my robe-pocket. With a quick Evanesco spell from my part, a little here and there, the flowers littering all over the Gryffindor tabletop disappeared. "You did throw a quaffle at her, you know."

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