09| slip up

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          My mind suddenly feels hollow from the difficulty of recalling the past few moments. As soon as I commenced to blink, I surprisingly discover myself on the ground with the heroes of Paris standing before me. The sky is also much dimmer than I had remembered, and the luminous moon is already beginning to appear. I then jolt when I abruptly sense a leathered hand gently planting over my shoulder.

« Ma belle, how do you feel? You look a little dazed? » the black-masked hero speaks, inspecting worriedly into my appearance.

« Chat Noir? I— um, a little confused, honestly? Was I— akumatized? » I question him in distress as he reassuringly squeezes my shoulder.

« Yeah, and I must say, you were quite the pawerful opponent, but it's nothing the amazing Chat Noir couldn't handle, » he flashes a playful wink, attempting to ease my concern. Which he triumphantly succeeded, and prompting me to snort with a slight grin.

Suddenly, I hear blinking emitting from Ladybug, and she spoke, « Chat, I'm guessing you know where she lives? » Chat Noir nods in response before she looked at me sympathetically, « I'll be going now. I hope your violin gets fixed soon, Juliette. »

Sadly glancing towards my damaged violin, I sent her a tight-lipped grim smile, « me too. Thank you, Ladybug. »

She sends a final nod, and Chat Noir and I watch her swing away.

« Well, ma belle. I'll be taking you home today, » he declares with an enthusiastic grin. I squeak as he takes me in his arms in bridal style, allowing me to securely cradle my broken violin into my chest, to which I immediately shove my face onto his chest in fear when he began bouncing over the roofs of the buildings.

« Hey, hey. Don't be scared, ma belle. I won't drop you, » he says softly, nudging his head against mine to glance up from his shoulder. « I think you'll enjoy the view of the streets from up here. »

And sure enough, I did. The height was intimidating at first, but the sight of miniature Parisiens casually going on with their lives and toy-like vehicles driving around calmed my nerves. I sigh in content and smoothly lay my head at the crook of his neck, strangely feeling bold to do so.

Once safely reaching my apartment, he carefully places me on my small balcony. Thank God I left the door open.

After leaving the balcony door ajar for Chat Noir to enter, I lock the door of my room to prevent my mom from barging in. Quietly, I cautiously leave the remains of my violin on my chair, making myself a mental note on tracking down Sophie shortly.

« Want a hug? » Chat Noir softly speaks up as I turn to look at him, arms already spread out wide for me to jump into, « You've been through a lot today. You deserve one. »

Dark blushes adorn my cheeks, and an appreciative smile spreads across my face as he envelops me in a warm and cuddly embrace.

« I'm sure your violin meant a lot to you. And I don't blame you for getting akumatized. You were rightfully very upset and angry. » he sighs as he holds me closer, bringing a hand on the back of my head and silently playing with my light brown strands. « But we can't control other people's actions either. What Sophie did was wrong, yet what has been done is already done. So all we can do now is try to find a luthier to fix it. If not, you can send a complaint to the principal for her to pay for its value. »

I hum in response while nuzzling closer into the crook of his neck, knowing he was absolutely correct, « Thanks, Adrien. You always know the right things to say. »

He immediately tenses, his voice sounding meek, « Adrien? »


Reluctantly, he lets go of me and steps away, now keeping an unpleasant distance between us. The expression of alarm and astonishment taking over his features with wavering green eyes, « how long? »

I harshly bit my lip, staring straight at his eyes in apprehension, « way too long. »

He lets out a heavy breath he appears to have held in for a while, and his feet are instantly dragging towards the balcony, « I— I have to go. »

« No, please. Adrien—! »

| to be continued

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