08| rescuing

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          Being akumatized is undoubtedly a strange sensation. I cannot control my body anymore whatsoever, but my subconscious is still attached to it. My senses are uncontrollably swimming as I observe myself, or rather Harmonique, playing the shadowed violin rapidly to generate electricity, currently attacking Paris's Chat Noir and Ladybug. My original intention was to attack Sophie and destroy every single thing she possesses, including her violin, extending from the cheapest to the most cherished valuables. However, the two superheroes immediately dropped in and interrupted my plan, which made me extremely irritated. I would hear an unfamiliar deep voice frequently ordering me inside my head, which I definitely found disturbing. Then I realized it is Hawmoth, the villain himself, communicating me to take their miraculous, which is supposedly Chat Noir's ring and Ladybug's earrings.

I grimace when Chat Noir groans as he receives a blow by one of Harmonique's electricity, his back brutally smacking into the walls of a nearby building before tumbling to the ground, thankfully, on his two feet. He slowly lifts his head and stares directly at me -or Harmonique, in this case- his entire behaviour appearing unusually distinctive. I have noticed he has not cracked a single cat pun yet, and his admired mischievous emerald eyes seem much darker and less comical. His whole demeanour, today, is abruptly different.

« Chat! Are you okay? » Ladybug promptly grounds beside him, a concerned look apparent on her masked features as she watches the cat hero.

« Oui. I'm absolutely fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. » he tiredly lets out while stretching his back.

« You seem a little— tense today. What's going on? »

« I really want to save her and fast. » I hear Chat Noir say, meanwhile, Harmonique is busy destroying every cherished nearby item from everyone's possession.

« Is she—? » Ladybug gasps, eyes enlarge in recognition as she suddenly glances my way, making me inwardly frown.

He smiles tenderly, a look of affection now overlapping the previously pained one, « Yeah, that's her. That's the girl I love. »

My heart immediately accelerated at his bold and blunt statement. Does he not care that he is practically giving away his identity? My subconscious is gradually drifting away from the current situation and now overflowed with his unexpected declaration. After having become closer to him as Adrien, I knew I developed profound feelings for him. I felt special regarding how unrestricted he was with his corny puns and genuine personality, especially around me. However, I decided to disregard my feelings for him to spare myself from the heartache, knowing I had no chance of rivalling the Ladybug.

Then he mentioned there is someone else. That day, I knew my heart cracked a little, but once again, I ignored the obvious pain. It now explains why he would never tell me who that unknown person because it was me the entire time.

Would I remember what he just said?

It is known for former akumatized civilians to lose the memory of their time as an akumatized villain. Thus, likelier for me to forget everything I have just heard. When I do so, that would mean I would go back to ignoring my feelings unless Adrien makes a move or I, somehow, find the courage to confess.

But there is more— the guilt. I am fully aware of Marinette's affection for him. As a friend of hers, confessing to him would undoubtedly be a terrible thing to do, principally since she held feelings for him long before I did.

Is this how it should be? Let the side characters suffer to let the main characters come to their happy ending?

« Time to de-evilize! »

| to be continued

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