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          I quietly browse through the shelves of books in the school's library, looking for an eye-catching novel I can read during my free time. Soon, I inwardly rejoice my victory after plucking out a thick book with a fascinating description. As I was heading towards the librarian, I suddenly find a familiar brushed-back blond-haired fellow sitting in boredom at a nearby table. Silently, I approach him until I was close enough to poke his head, making an audible 'boop' sound with my lips. Adrien immediately whips his head in surprise before his green eyes finally settled on me, a look of ease and happiness quickly replacing as he brilliantly beams at me.

« Bonjour Julliette, » he greets bashfully, motioning me to sit on the chair beside his. While returning the greeting, I comfortably settle on the chair, and my eyes instantly drop on the large book open in front of him. On that particular open page, I discern a seemingly powerful man pictured in the ancient Chinese art style, with unique writing inscribed on the side. Just as I was about to question Adrien about the strange book, another voice emerges.

« Now we can get going on our his— oh. Who are you? » an unfamiliar student came out of the blue, a girl with chestnut brown hair with sharp olive-green eyes. Earlier, I noticed she sounded very chirpy while speaking to Adrien, but her character dramatically shifted negatively once her question directed at me.

I squint my eyes at her as a scowl immediately enveloped my profile. She is probably that incredible Lila Rossi everyone is so fascinated by today.

« Je m'appelle Juliette, you must be Lila? »

Her expression spontaneously lightens the moment I uttered her name, « Yes! You must have heard about me and my amazing experiences from the other students. »

I definitely did not like the boasty attitude she expresses, then I spoke indifferently to everything that came to mind, « I've only heard your name getting passed around. I couldn't care less about whatever fantastic things happened in your life. »

Her mouth immediately clams shut, and her eyebrows knit furiously, just as I anticipated. She appears to -very much- enjoy the undivided attention from everyone, and for her to easily boast about her experiences can only suggest one thing— she is lying. Especially since no one knows her at a personal level, she could effortlessly get away with any lies she spurts out, and that is ultimately her advantage.

Her attention quickly darts to Adrien's book and snatches it away from his grasp, « What's that? »

« Uh— nothing! Just stories about superheroes, » he responds, sounding slightly nervous.

« I love superheroes! » Lila grins as she puts her hand on top of Adrien's, but the boy, however, appears uncomfortable by the sudden touching. Lila then withdraws her hand from him and begins flipping through the pages while Adrian shoots me a nervous expression, to which I shrug.

« Ladybug! » the brunette gasps as she looks at the page containing contents about the superhero.

Adrien hums plainly, « Yeah, she's great. »

« Do you not like Ladybug? »

« Uh— me? I mean, I— » Adrien stumbles over his words as I stare at him in confusion and, of course, absolute surprise. Is he not head over heels with Ladybug? Then why did he sound so— uninterested?

« You know, I actually happen to be very close friends with Ladybug. » Lila cuts him off, seeming very smug of herself. I immediately bit my tongue, choosing to stay silent momentarily and converse with Adrien when we are alone.

« Oh— really? » Adrien responds, sounding somewhat more engaged in her words now.

Lila nods enthusiastically, appearing closer to the blond by the second, « We can chat about it if you want. Not here though, why don't we meet at the park after school and I'll tell you everything. »

I promptly rise from my chair after glancing over the time on the clock hung on the wall, « Adrien, our lessons are going to start in a minute. We have to go now. »

At the same time, he receives an alert from his phone concerning his lesson, « We gotta go! We've got a lesson in 58 seconds. »

« So, the park? » Lila persists, causing me to grown loudly in the background.

« Uh— sure! » Adrien hastily responds, grabbing me by the hand and rushing us out of the library.

« A— Adrien, écoutez-moi! » I tell him as I held onto his hand tightly, bringing his full attention to me. « Be careful around Lila. I think— she says a lot of nonsense, so don't believe everything she says. »

He nods to everything I say, « Alright, I'll remember that when I meet up with her. »

« And also, this might not be the best time, but back there, you didn't sound as interested in Ladybug anymore. Or am I wrong? »

« You're not wrong— I mean, I still admire her. But, I— uh, sort of have my eyes on someone else, at the moment. »

Someone else?

| to be continued

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