05| night visit

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          I spread my arms over my head before letting out an exasperated sigh, successfully popping a few bones and sinking into the mesh chair. Closing my eyes as I attempt to somewhat repose after having finished tonight's stack of homework. It is currently several minutes past midnight, and most apartment buildings nearby emitted little to no lights.

An unexpected knocking causes my eyes to snap wide open, now feeling absolutely puzzled as to who would be knocking on the door at this time. As I was stepping out of my door, intending to only peek through the door's peephole, the knocking occurs once more. However, presently, I discern the noise is deriving from my room.

Furrowing my eyebrows in utter confusion, I study the door leading to the small balcony. And there behold, I encounter a pair of familiar large cat-like emerald eyes staring at me. After successfully having caught my attention, he enthusiastically waves his hand before pointing towards the secured knob, indicating to unlock.

I take in a heavy breath to soothe my jittery nerves before swiftly shuffling to open the door for Chat Noir, looking at him questioningly, « Bonjour, Chat Noir. What— are you doing here? It's past midnight. »

« I came to check up on you, ma belle, » he replies with a heartfelt smile as I usher him inside my room, where the cat hero quickly finds himself sprawled comfortably on my mattress. I grin as I descend on my mesh rolling chair once more, watching him immediately but peacefully make himself at home. Truthfully, I am quite surprised at how rapidly he became comfortable with my room since this is the first time he came here, never even as Adrien.

« I'm not intruding, am I? » Chat Noir asks meekly, his faux ears -somehow- slightly declining as he sat up straight on my bed, twiddling nervously with his thumb. My gaze instantly softened when noticing the cutesy pout playing on his lips.

« Don't worry, Chat Noir, definitely not intruding. Just— surprised to see you this late, especially. » I answer, and he immediately perks at my response -quite literally, his cat ears fluttered up with him- a wide grin now appearing on his profile.

« So, how are you feeling? I know the energy beam didn't hit you, but that was a really close call. You're not shaken up by it, are you? » he asks, sounding genuinely concerned as he casually neared me.

I shake my head, fiddling with my sleeves, « Non, I mean— I was a little shaken up right after you told me to go home. But after a while, I was fine. »

« I'm glad— like, really really glad. While patrolling, I noticed your lights were still on, and I thought Guitar Villain terrified you to the core,» he lets out a relieved sigh, « If that's not the case, then what are you doing this late? »

« Oh, just homework. » I tell as I present the various sheets of paper sprawling on my desk.

Chat Noir later rises from the bed and holds one of the homework sheets Madame Bustier has given to us on Friday, a look of awe developing beneath the black mask, « You answered question five! I've been trying to apply different formulas but— merde. »

He stares at me wide-eyed, mouth agape after revealing valuable information about his civilian self, while I bit my lip to stifle my laughter. I immediately took this opportunity to poke him on the arm, appearing to be unaware of his identity.

« So, you attend Collège Françoise Dupont and are in the same grade as me? Mon Dieu, you're much closer than I imagined, Chat Noir. Imagine what Alya would do with this information. » His face dramatically paled when I uttered the Ladyblog's owner's name, and his petrified reaction causes me to laugh. 

« Don't worry. I won't tell anyone anything. I understand how important it is to you to keep your identity a secret. Trust me, » I state, planting a reassuring hand on the shoulder. His shoulders collapse from their tense nature as he smirks cheekily.

« I'm trusting you, ma belle. »

| to be continued

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