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          I huffed under my breath as I furiously sweep Le Grand Paris hotel's lobby with a broom I was given earlier by a worker. Madame Bustier had mentioned to us about a work experience field trip a week ago, and I was genuinely excited about the work environment we would be working in!

God knows who in their right mind decides to bring teenagers to a hotel for work experience. What happened to seniors' homes and police stations?

Not only was I extremely disappointed by our destination, but Chloé Bourgeois, the precious daughter of André Bourgeois, who is the mayor of Paris and owner of Le Grand Paris, has added her input into the jobs we are assigned. As a result, I was unfortunately appointed to sweeping duties, while Marinette and Alya were not even on the list, thus unappointed to a task at the moment. Chloé certainly knows how to abuse her power to make their lives as miserable as she possibly can.

Standing silently beside Alya, I stabilize the broom upright between my foot, placing my hands flat on the end of the stick before settling my chin over it. I am somewhat curious as to what responsibilities the mayor is planning on giving them.

« Daddy! » I watch Chloé beckon her father from the reception desk, where both she and Adrien are designated. I frown when I notice her holding a piece of paper written in red ink. That definitely does not seem like a good sign.

« Thank you, sweetie, » her father says as he takes ahold the piece of paper from Chloé, « Oh yes! Alya, you're going to be— sorting trash at the main dumpster. »

Alya gasps in horror while Marinette's eyes widen as she smacks a hand over her mouth in equal horror. I grimace as I squeeze a reassuring hand over her shoulder as some comfort. Just as I was about to speak, another voice cuts me off.

« Girl with the broom! Suivez-moi. I need some assistance with one of the rooms, » a female worker requests at the top of the staircase, and I grumble under my breath as Marinette and Alya flash me with similar discouraged expression. After throwing them a weak farewell, I hold the broom tightly within my grasp, then climb up the bright red-carpeted stairs to follow the worker.

Moments later, after having finished brooming not only one but various rooms, the worker sent me back to continue sweeping the lobby. Today is -without a doubt- one of the worst days of my life. I should have skipped school today, I would have to face my mother's wrath if I did, but even that sounds more delightful than sweeping hotel rooms.

While descending the staircase, I quickly checked the time on my phone and cried in frustration, « when will this end? »

When arriving at the end of the staircase, I finally notice an odd-looking man speaking to Chloé, and his back was facing me, dressed in a black bodysuit with blue stripes and bubblegum pink hair sticking out towards the right side of his face. My eyes went saucers as a lump swelled inside my throat. I knew, instantly, it was another akumatized person. Throwing away the broom to the polished ground, I immediately jumped in action.

« Get away from him! »

« Look out, Chloé! »

In midair, my eyes met with Adrien's familiar concerning green orbs as our bodies collided, but we were both suddenly enveloped through a flash of light produced by the villain.

I groaned as my back hit the hard ground, squinting my eyes as I feel an immediate weight over my body. My breath then hitches when I find myself face to face with a red-faced Adrien.

Why is this happening to me?

| to be continued

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