Bella's POV

"We're here irrelevant Bishes" Carter screamed as the boys walked in the house "Catah stahp, don't do dat" I responded "okay mom" he replied. "What are we gonna do today?" Sam asked "laser tag" Cam screamed "Yaaaaaaaaas Bishes" Ricky replied. We got ready and left to the laser tag place. "Okay teams are..

Red: Cam, Aaron, Taylor, Matt, Gilinsky, Trevor, Johnson, Jacob, Maya, Shawn, Laura, Alina, Lola   

Blue: Kian, JC, Sam, Connor, Carter, Hayes, Ricky, Rose, Andrea, Nat, Nash, Bella

We put our vests on and had to listen to the boring rules and shit. After we made our way out Maya said "aint nobody got time for dat" "Maya is your username on instagram luv_ponies?" I asked "Yeah why" "Maya, it's me. Isabella Diamond and Nat Gat" I said remembering what Maya wrote on all of Nat's stuff in 6th grade "Bella? Nat?" "OMG Maya! I thought I would never see you again, after you moved to Virginia" Nat, Maya, and I had a long moment and Matt spoke up "You guys know each other?" Matt said. "Yeah we grew up together and we were best friends. When we were 13 Maya moved to Virginia and we texted sometimes but it was hard and then we stopped texting." Nat explained. "I still can't beleive it's you" I said still in shock. The game started and me and Nat quickly ran into a corner. "What's our plan?" Nat asked me. I forgot to mention that I am The Laser Tag champion. "Stalk someone from the other team and keep shooting them" "I'll take Trevor" Nat whispered "I'll take Jacob" We split up and I went looking for Jacob. I saw him and started shooting from behind. He turned around and I hid. He saw me though and ran towards me and tackled me to the floor, in a playful way. We were laying beside each other and he kept staring at my lips and before I could think and process what was happening, our lips connected. It was just like the last time, exept this kiss was more meaningful. After we pulled away, he whispered "Let's ditch these losers and go to the park" "okay" We finished the game and we snuck out even though there were supposed to be 2 more rounds. We walked to the park and went on the swings, we talked about the most random things for half an hour. it was getting late so we decided to walk to the O2L house and just chill in my room. "I was wondering, umm" he said getting nervous. "Jacob the suspense is killing me" I said incouraging him to keep talking. "So, I was wondering... would you like to be my girl friend?" "I stood there in shock "Jacob, I would love to be your girlfriend" He looked like the happiest guy alive. We were probably both smiling like idiots as we made our way back to the house.

We went inside and everyone was already there. "Guys you can't just ditch us like that. We got really worried" Connor said "I know and we both feal really bad. Girls can I talk to you upstairs?" I said "Sure" Nat got up off of Trevor's lap and all the girls came upstairs with me. I shut the door and started freaking out. "Stop, if your gonna die go outside, no blood in the classroom" Maya said in her sassy tone. Nat, Maya, and I started laughing and everyone else in the room looked really confused and a bit disturbed "Maya used to say that in grade 7" Nat explained. We settled down and I blurted out "JacobaskedmetobehisgirlfriendandIsaidyes" "OMG thats amazing" Nat exclaimed. No one else in the room understood "She said that Jacob asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes" Nat explained. Everyone else said something like "OMG" or "Congrats" while Maya said "I knew there was something funny going on with you and Jacob" I burst out laughing. Maya could always do that to me, even when I was having a bad day. I remember one time in class she told me that she was trying to be serious, that alone made my day. We made our way downstairs and saw all the guys with huge grins on their faces, as if they know something we don't. I noticed Trevor wasn't there and all of a sudden, Music started playing. Trevor came in with a super hero cape on and a fake microphone, he was wearing a weird hat. I knew something was going on. He came in front of us and told Nat to stand up. He started singing Dark Side.

...Baby, I feel you pull me to the dark side,

One look and you control me from the inside,

I'm just a puppet on your string, you can make me do anything,


After he stoped singing everyone was silent and he brought a box out of his pocket, he opened it and asked Nat "I have wanted to ask you this for a long time, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked nervously. Nat looked down "Trevor, I don't know how to say this but..." "I understand" Trevor said cutting Nat off "you probably like Hayes more than me" "Trevor, I wasn't finished. It would be an honor to be your girlfriend. I'm not good with words" Nat said bursting into song at the end "I like how you did that." Jacob complimented "it's getting late and we have Magcon tomorrow, we should go" Nash said. They left and we headed to bed. I was happier than I have ever been in a long time!


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