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The company reacted quickly to shoot actions, in terms of taking the game offline, banning the player, and reaching out to the mommy -- who has since agreed to help Roblox receive the word out to others about the safeguards parents could use to protect kiddies in Roblox further.


But the episode raises questions regarding if children should be playing those types of massively multiplayer games at this young age in any respect. Roblox, sadly, is not surprised that someone was interested in a hack like this.

A hacker allegedly uttered a worker at the favorite online gaming' Roblox' to gain access to this backend customer care panel together with personal info on over 100 million users that are active. The hacker was able to get to see other users' email addresses, change their passwords, remove two-factor authentication from their account, ban users, and also more reports the Vice. The hacker shared screenshots of their personal advice of some of Roblox's most high profile users including YouTuber Linkmon99.

According to this hacker, he shifted the password for two accounts and sold their items. Based on the screenshots of this customer care panel, then the hacker has been likewise able to reset passwords and also change alternative user data also. Meanwhile, Roblox has addressed the issue and separately notified the"small number of users who were impacted". The business has reported the hacker's actions to the bug bounty platform HackerOne being another step. Roblox can be found across PC and Xbox platforms and has been very favored by young gamers.

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