Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

I backed off the bed and crept across the creaky floor and made my way to the door that I had almost escaped from earlier. I could smell the freshness of the air outside creeping in through the cracks. As soon as I reached the door I attempted at opening it. No luck. I tried again and with such force, I pulled open the door and peered outside. There was no one there. Was this some kind of joke? I didn't care.

 I put everything I had into running and I didn't stop. But when I thought that I was actually going to live I felt a sudden stabbing pain in my gut and I fell to the ground in a bundle. The pain was extremely hard to ignore I tried to get up and run but the pain only made me scream louder. I began to feel dizzy, when I thought things couldn't get any worse. And then I start to close my eyes. No! I can't stop... I can't give up, I have to keep running.

I attempt at opening my eyes but it only lasts me a few seconds but that's all I need. I could just see a few figures running towards me.

"Help!" I managed to blurt before everything turns dark and suddenly I feel like I’m falling down at amazing speed. Then the pain stops. I feel dead.

Dan POV:

I stop suddenly when I smell her. Her scent was so strong. She was close.

I looked over at Felix who had obviously had smelt it the same time I had. He was worriedly looking around.

"Man, don't worry we will find her, it will be okay..." Although I knew it wouldn't be but I couldn't bear seeing him like this. He was so frantic over one girl, how? Well I knew, I guess it couldn’t be hard. A small part of me believes I am in love with her too, but he can’t know that! Never, he will hate me.

All of a sudden I hear her scream, ‘help.’ She more like whimpered but it was defiantly not too far away. I look up to find Felix gone, crap. I chase after him and then I find him. He was crouched next to her. Pain was shooting through his face and I was too trying very hard to control my feelings. I keep my distance and as I was about to tell Felix to pick him up a dark figure steps in front of us.

"I see we meet again... Dan" He looked down at Felix and bows, "Felix."

I tap Felix on the shoulder, "Get her to the car..." He looks up at me and I can see he is worried.

"But..." I cut him off before he gets the chance to finish. "NOW!" I yell at him and then in the blink of an eye he had disappeared into the closing forest. I turn my gaze back to the creature.

"You are not welcome on our land; therefore there should not be any reason for us to meet again." I sternly said this before turning and making my way back to the car.

I reached the car and spotted Felix on the ground next to Katie who was now on the verge of dying. She didn't have long. Her face had turned a greenish pale colour and her body was deathly cold for a human. I looked at Felix while trying to think of a possibility. Then it hit me.

"Felix, I have an idea of how to save her, but I have a feeling you won’t like it." I said this knowing that he defiantly won’t like it but it's the only way.

His face cheered up and he looked up to me wanting answers, well that's what I thought but instead he says, "just do it, I don't know what it is you’re going to do and why I wouldn't like it... But anything to keep her alive." He sounded happy and sad all at the same time.

I knelt down next to him, "Felix... You have to change her!" He looked down at the ground nodding and then turned back to me, "Ok, but I have never changed anybody before.” He looked sulky and I had to reassure him it was the right thing to do before grabbing a blanket that was stashed in the boot and holding it in place next to her neck.

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